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Anyhoo, back to the original point,@PickleRick,

1 lbs of dietary fat has about 4100 calories of stored energy

1lb of human body-fat has a range of 3300 - 3900 calories of stored energy (3600 on average)

Human body-fat cells are not 100% made of fat, only 80-95%


Fair enough, what this bloke said was taking it too literally or BS. I thought so. Cheers lads.


@maxnas @TomIrvNutr23. The things one learns on this site - amazing.


Hi guys,

Been registered for a while but only now am I starting to take my weight loss more seriously. My query is probably more nutiritional, but what are the do’s and donts about exercising first thing in the morning?

On a Wednesday I start work a little later so I am thinking of getting in a workout about 7am before I start, (cardio - interval training). Is it best to have something to eat pre-workout so that there’s something in my stomach, or is it ok/safe to workout and not have anything? If so, what would be best to have?

Please excuse my naivety, any help would be greatly appreciated!


100% personal preference & how YOU feel mate.

It’s makes zero difference directly to fat loss, but doing something that you enjoy & prefer is obviously better as you’ll be more likely to adhere to it

try both, see how you feel & do what you prefer

either way, it makes no difference for fat loss

fat loss comes down to overall energy balance



so, is fasted cardio just a myth? cheers


for fat loss? yes mate


lol, thanks - good to know!


here for a bit today… shoot!

(anything nutrition/training wise) :slight_smile:


I looked around the gym near work because even though I’m anxious I’m tempted to join. It was quite small though, I just want to hide away and do my best. Then I browsed online and came across “gym bully” and “dyel”. Sigh.

One step forward, two steps back.

Not a question so much as a :frowning:


Hi, I’m 43, 183cm and I weigh 92.2kg. I have lost a fair amount of weight which I am happy with and I am nearing my target of 85 (maybe 84/83 see how I look/feel) kg.
Would you say that, in order to reach this, 1kg a week is a sensible target, or as I am approaching my goal, should I expect weight loss to slow down a bit?

Also, I have got a bit lost in the calculations, what should my calorie intake be to lose a kilo a week?
92.2 x 2.2 x 14 (I exercise a lot) = 2900 for maintanence. Is a kilo a week circa 1900 cals a day?

Thanks again.


So you can work out first thing in morning with nothing to eat.


Hi mate,

yes it will almost alwatys slow down the further you go (hormonal reasons, there’s less you so you don’t need as many calories, etc etc)

Always best to take intermittent diet breaks every few weeks (6-12) to keep the downward metabolic adaptations in check (giving them a bit of a re-boost if you will)

As far as calculations, that’s all estimations to figure out a starting point… from where you are now, you adjust based on your results

Eg: You could be losing 2lbs per week on 2300, but if you go the ‘calculations route’ now, they might tell you that you need 2700 (which you’ll gain weight on)

You’re calculating your maintenance at 2900, but is it…. If you ate 2900 would you actually maintain your current weight?

How many calories are you consuming over the past few weeks & what kind of weightloss have you seen during that time? We can then use your current real world feedback to adjust things if need be 


If you personally feel ok during the session, yes absolutely mate 

I used to do all my strength training at 5am first thing before any food etc, did this for 4-5 years back when I was more into getting bigger/stronger


Just wanted to leave a quick ‘reminder’ note as this comes up A LOT

The scale is going to go up & down day to day, you can’t control it so don’t try, just accept the fact that every day you step on the scale it will probably be different…

The scale weight on any particular day is simply your bodies relationship to the ground, & everything that’s going on with your body at that exact moment (fat mass, lean mass, food in gut, water in muscles, carb/glycogen in muscles/liver, pee in bladder, poop in bowl & a million more things)

Just watch the trend over 1-2 weeks, this will show you what’s really happening.

FORGET the day to day weight!



Hi, new on here & after reading some of the posts I’ve done what others have!!! Not sure for how long for but I’ve been using MFP on 1800 per day. I’ve joined this as I’ve not been consistent. I’ve done the calculation of BW x 14 - 500 = 2700. Do you think I should jump straight to this daily amount? I work out 4x per week (weights) no cardio.
Thank you in advance.


Hiya mate,

drop on your stats/details here for me & we’ll dig into :slight_smile:


Hi, thanks for getting back to me. Weight 228. I upped my calorie in take from 1800 to 2200 as of yesterday.


What does your day/week/life look like mate?

Howe old are you, exercise history, experience with strength training, current exercise plan, what kind of condition are you currently in (with a simple “lean, overweight or somewhere in the middle” guess-timate)?

What’s your goal/plan/time scale etc?