Ask a Nutrition & Training Coach Anything!


Sorry for limited info in last post.

Day is mainly sitting at desk but try & do 10k steps everyday.

Hopefully starting to get the calorie intake nailed with MFP.

34 & currently strength training 4x per week. Currently completing a 12 week plan which is going well.

Overweight & trying to lose body fat is my main goal.

Going to a wedding in September so would like to be in decent shape for that as its aboard.


Hi mate,

So having a quick nose at where you currently are, I’d be very surprised if your ‘maintenance’ calorie requirements we’re under 3000 (more like 3000+, being as active & as young as you say)

Going on a very rough estimate, I’d gues-timate your maintenance being around 3200, so dropping down to 2200 is a ‘predicted’ 1000 calories deficit (if my gues-timation is right) & should be good for the 2lb loss per week mark…. But keep in mind, this is all estimations etc, you have to use trial & error & see what actually happens,

So give it a go, track your progress (the trend not the day to day) & evaluate the feedback after 2 weeks (week 1 always see’s water weight drop, so don’t confuse that with fat loss)

The problem I think you’d experienced is very common in that you’ve dropped calories (or attempted to) massively all of a sudden, too much for your body & brain to be able to deal with… which usually causes the ‘weekend binge’, where we stick to it for ¾ or 5 days & then it all goes to shit over the weekends when structure is out the window

You want to find that sweet spot, where you’re losing weight at a rate you want to, but not hating the process & not feeling restricted

You will deter from time to time, so be ready for it & accept it, in-fact when you do, be happy that you’ve identified it… that’s part of the progress, seeing things you didn’t see before & becoming objective.

Keep an eye out for those sneaky calories that manage to get past our eyes & brains & give yourself a pat on the back when you do notice them (again, noticing these things is great progress, as you can now address them)

PS – 1-2lbs per week is great long term, but in the short term you CAN shoot for more IF you can deal with it (mentally & physically), but keep in mind going too low can trigger that vicious circle binge effect in some people

1-2lbs per week over the next 4 months is 16-32lbs, that’s a good bit of time to see some real changes mate

Keep us in the loop



Thanks very much the info & your time. I’ll keep you posted.


My 2 week track.

W1; S - 267.0 M - 270.2 T - 270.2 W - 270.4 T - 270.4 F - 270.8 S - 268.0 Avg - 269.6
W2; S - 270.6 M - 267.4 T - 266.6 W - 268.6 T - 270.4 F - 266.8 S - 267.4 Avg - 268.3

Kind of all over the place, but then again so has my eating.


Looks to me like whatever you’ve been doing caloriewise is pretty much maintaining your weight


Regarding my press up challenge thing, I read online (Google search page) on a rough estimate a push up is approx. 60-65% of my body weight, I realise this isn’t that simple but is it an ok summary? Because if I get to 116kg that’s 70-75kg. I just worry I’m setting myself up for disappointment and @admin for a windfall in the shop.


Around that, depends on positioning/height of feet, i’d say the range could be larger depending on the set up variation & size of the person to 50-80%, but most stanard pushups should fit your numbers


What’s a good rep number for a chest press?

I thought 8-7-6 with 1-minute rest between.


Here you go mate :slight_smile:


The most optimal rep range to stimulate muscle growth is by getting stronger in the medium rep ranges (6-12reps)

5 reps & under will impact the central nervous system more than anything else

12 reps & over will place more emphasis on muscular endurance than anything else

so getting stronger in the 6-12 rep range is where you want the majority of the focus to be if you’re looking for growth.

I’ve set the compound lifts at 6-8 reps in the beginner plan, which means you’ll be hitting the rep range that will get you the strongest within the medium rep range. effectively getting the most bang for your buck!

But if you’re finding the weight needed for 6-8 reps is too heavy for comfort & causing joint issues, you can move up a notch within that 6-12 rep range,

eg: 8-10 or 10-12,

Which will mean lowering the weight & stress on the joints whilst keeping the overall volume pretty much the same (trading volume in weight for volume in reps)

Hope this helps? :slight_smile:


Does doing the over head press with a slow downward movement count as a vertical pull?


Nope, you’re working the opposing muscle group mate.

Lowering it slowly is just using those same ‘pushing’ muscles to hold the weight while you’re lowering it (triceps, shoulders, upper chest)

Pulling will use bicep and various ‘back’ muscles


Ok thanks, I’ll struggle to find a vertical pull exercise I can manage at home.


Give the ‘dumbell pullover’ a try mate

Its pretty much the same movement as a pullup/lat pulldown as far as the muscles firing


Just make sure not to bend the arms other wise you’ll turn it into a tricep exercise, stiff arms so the back muscles underneath the armpits are moving/controling the weight (the lats)



Oh cheers yes I will thanks, seems obvious and straight forward. I should’ve probably looked a bit harder!


I’m largely focusing on bike riding (usually for an hour, about 6 miles across country tracks) and running (gym, usually clocking 400 calories). This has helped me lose close to a stone since January 2018, but I’m struggling to shift the weight from my torso. Any advice gratefully received :slight_smile:


Hi mate :slight_smile:

So first & foremost, we can’t choose where to burn fat from, that’s down to genetics

men hold more fat on the torso & lower back, women around the hips & arms, so this is a case of ‘keep going’

Think of it as emptying a jug of water, you’re gettting there but you just need to empty the rest of the jug now

also, why bike ridning?

do you enjoy it?

keep in mind exercise plays a supporting role in fat loss, nutrition/diet is the key

as there’s around 3500 calories in 1lb of fat, dropping 500 calories a day is relatively easy

it would take about an hour (give or take) on the bike to acheive the same caloric output & create the same deficit

which means if you’d need to jump on the bike everyday, 7 days per week for an hour to get the exact same results that could be done pretty easily by dropping 500 calories oper day from your diet

I’d recommend focusing on the nutrition first & add in the exercise (as much as you enjoy) as a bonus/supporting feature

I’d also consider starting a strength training plan to maintain or even build some new muscle tissue whilst losing fat (you want to lose fat remember, not just weight), which will also help to fill out your torso as you drop the bodyfat

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Cheers for this :slight_smile:

I did a lot of work on my diet to reduce / swap-out sugars, increase my veg intake and limit my portion size, and I think that’s had a noticeable impact in getting me from 11.8 stone to 11.1. Running and bike riding have supported that & I’ve gone with them as they fit into my lifestyle pretty easily.

I haven’t focused on strength training as much though so this might be a good way to bolster things - thanks for the link :slight_smile:


all sounding great, good job so far mate! :slight_smile:


Are there any worthy energy pre workout drinks avail at the moment - been having a bad time trying to use coffee to develop some get up and go / energy and the usual pro-plus type tablets are leaving me with stonking headaches.

I found this one online - it looks very similar to one you used to be able to get at Myprotein - are any of the ingredients going to contribute to getting a gym buzz on?


Creatine Monohydrate, Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate, Tyrosine, Dextrose, Taurine, Beta Alanine, Citrulline Malate, Natural Flavouring, Natural Colour (Beetroot Red), L Carnitine, Glucuronolactone, Guarana Extract (20% Caffeine), Caffeine Anhydrous, Sweetener (Sucralose), Vitamin B6.