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Sorry, other brands are available obviously!

I only posted this particular one as it suits my current £ budget (bit skint at the mo)


Hey mate,

The Beta Alanine & Citrulline Malate will help with the ‘buzz’ but ultimately it;'s the caffein that’s providing the stimulant (the other stuff fill the ingredient list but don’t do anything stimulant wise)

If you’re finding that coffee isn’t doing it for you atm, you might be developing a caffein intollerance from over/extended use (happens to some people) so caffein from other sources will still have the same effect

I’d recommend to take a week or 2 off the caffein & save the money in place of coffee… unless you personally like using a pre-workout drink that is


PS - don’t forget, the devil is in the dosage… how much caffein, beta alanine & Citrulline Malate is in the product?

Make sure you’re not paiying over the odds for something that’s under-dosed (99% of supplemements)


Cheers for that @maxnas mate. Hang on, I shall find the stats.

One of the reviews of this product online (by someone that bought it) said he got a proper rush from it, and had tingles on his face and lips - sounds very similar to what Pulse (the Myprotein one) was like when I had I had, so fingers crossed this will kick my ass.

per 25g serving:

  • Creatine monohydrate: 5g

  • AAKG: 2g

  • Citrulline Malate: 4g

  • L Carnitine: 500mg

  • Guarana Extract (20% Caffeine): 250mg

  • Vitamin B6: 20mg (1429% RDA)

  • WARNING high caffeine content.

  • Taurine: 2.5g

  • Beta Alanine: 3g

  • Tyrosine : 1g

  • Glucuronolactone: 500mg

  • Caffeine Anhydrous: 375mg

  • Total Caffeine: 400mg


Not sure I’d be able to not have coffee to be honest, although if I could get into a morning home exercise routine again, I might not need to drink it if I buy the stuff above.

The real problem I have with coffee is that the amount I need now to get myself in gear makes it taste vile and generally I find the experience with it quite bumpy with stomach and headache.


As far as legit pre-workout ingredients, thats looking pretty good mate!

Give it a try :slight_smile:


I think I will, it’s been sat in my online basket for a couple of days…

will do a road test and report back on how it goes/feels and how long it takes me to start gurning


Just to update… not sure I should be doing reviews really on here, 3 days with it, and I can definitely confirm it seems to be giving me the required juice for my workouts - tried it with a bike ride, Spin Class, Garden Kettlebell Circuits, and all have felt a bit easier and made me pour with sweat.

Definitely a later-in-the-day headache at 30g, which is pretty much Expert Dose, but I’m sure that will settle down, will see where things are at maybe August end.


and not too much gurning, some definite jaw gnarling though!


Hey folks, as some of the lads who’ve been here for a few years know, I usually run a free ‘live 12 week summer trainer’ each year,

I initially started it a few years ago just because I wanted some accountability for myself (if you’ve seen my ‘fat’ picture, it was then) but a bunch of other lads got involved also & we all smashed it out together, so I’ve tried to do it every year since for a bit of fun & motivation

Haven’t managed to get around to it yet this year, but might be able to set one up for Sep/Oct

lemme know if you fancy hopping on & I’ll add you to our fb group :slight_smile:


Here’s the group btw :slight_smile:


Max I need some back exercises if you have time. I have back issues but I just needs stretches for home. Currently laid up at the minute


I’d like to do this :+1:


Hi mate, can you give me some more context? :)


Slipped a disc few years back. Recurring back issues but wondered did you know what I can do to try prevent it. I do prob need a physio anyway


Yep, 100% this mate.

I wouldn’t wanna give any incorrect advice as this is more medical related & outside of my scope mate

Have you got a physio booked in?

PS – see a an actual medically qualified physio (science) not a hippy chiro (not science) lol


I’m online for the next 2-3 hours if anyone wants to throw any questions my way :slight_smile:


Hi Maxnas,

Very new here only found this site this week, I have from my teenage years struggled to keep my weight in check not by huge amounts by comparison however at 5’ 6" enough to make a difference (10 - 30lbs) and as many on here have been on every diet ever mentioned looking for the magic one! I have had many nutrition experts and PT’s over the years, blood tests DNA test, test to find my max fat burn number all sorts. To cut an awful long story short I have over the last month or so realised I have really put my metabolism through the ringer by under eating. The last company I engaged in the spring of this year had me on 1100 cals with 15 glucommaman tablets, the reason they gave was they were trying to re-create some natural gastric band type scenario by filling the stomach. On top of this I am quite fairly active walking 30mins every day, cycling strength training and recently started running some sort of exercise 6 days a week mainly because I enjoy it. Needless to say now thinking back not really improving or making much gain strength wise. Whilst on holiday in Sept I think the penny finally dropped because as I started eating a bit more I was more energetic and even managed to sleep for one whole night something that had not happened for a very long time. Its my 55Th birthday tomorrow and I have decided this is my last final try at getting to my ideal weight.
Sorry for babbling on but finally my question since coming back from holiday I have started to add calories, firstly 1600 net for two weeks then 1800 net for two more weeks but eating around 2100-2400. From now going forward I think I will have just 2000 cals total, do you think this looks sensible

I have added the sheet do give you some idea of what October looked like (calories in v weight). Plus add to that most days my Garmin calories come out to around 450-600 burned, I know not accurate but give a base line to work from.
Male 55
180 pounds
Very active

Really sorry for the long message but as I mentioned I want to get it right as this is my last attempt before accepting I am just going to be overweight for the rest of my days.


And a screen shot from garmin for October for reference

Thanks in advance, any sort of advise welcome


Hi mate,

Ok so let’s scale this right back…

Few things?

1 - What exactly is it that you want to know?

2 - What’s the biggest thing getting in your way right now?

3 - Do you LIKE counting calories? (it seems like it could be more hassle than useful for you right now)

4 - What’s the EASIEST thing you could do right now that would contribute to your goal? (however small it might seem)

5 - What actually is your goal (& why)? (in your own words)


Thanks for replying,

  1. I now realise I have been under eating, question really is how many calories do you think would be good to start to get back on track
  2. Nothing really holding me back or getting in the way really only the mental torture of not seeing any fat loss for my effort.
  3. I would not say I like counting calories but I do like to have an idea what I’m consuming
  4. In all honesty I believe I was doing all I can, that’s why I went in search of other answers. In terms of easiest I don’t really see or believed I could have done any more easy or hard.
    5.long term goal, I want to be between 15-20% body fat something I have never been in my whole adult life, this has been the goal for the last 10 years.

Thanks again