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So have been on this 2000 cals now since 15/10, Weight has gone like this:
15.10 181.9
16.10 180.7
17.10 179.9
18.10 180
19.10 179
20.10 179.9
21.10 179.9
22.10 180.6
23.10 180
24.10 180.1

Am I safe to assume with the amount of exercise I am currently doing I have found my maintenance cals or should I give it another week?


Sorry meant to add, I am most definitely feeling stronger with my lifts on almost all of my strength training going up, so with this in mind and my new mind set I was wondering if I just sit at 2000 cals and just carry on for another couple of weeks then just drop 50 per week until I get to 1800, don’t really want to get to a point again where i’m down to 1500 or lower again.

Hope I am making sense and not babbling too much


Hi mate,

Just a quick summary of everything (currently on the fly)

The DNA testing stuff:

It’s complete nonsense sorry to say mate, it’s pseudoscience sold by scammers (even if they do look legit, it’s not real)

metabolisms don’t ‘break’ as such mate, you’re metabolism is just the name of the process that your entire body goes through to produce energy

When you loose weight &/or eat less it can slow down (5-10% or so) but it’s not permenant damage, it’s just the response to the current circumstances, when you eat more &/or gain weight, it will do the same in the opposite direction (overweight people usually have faster metabolisms that leaner people for this very reason)

under eating:

You can’t NOT lose weight by under-eating (see 3rd world countries) but you can impact your energy levels which means you might be moving much less than normal during the day, which could wipe out the deficit from the diet if it impacts your daily activity that much…… also dieting sucks & a longer, deeper diet sucks worse, leaving us much more open to fall off & binge.

To lose weight, it’s all about energy use (what comes in vs what goes out) supplement selling shills are just another con to make money, unless you’re actually deficient in something, but even then the first stop would be to improve your nutrition

See more here:

Very active:

What exactly do you mean by this mate, as it’s very open to interpretation… are you literally on your feet & on the move all day (not sat down)?

180lbs – 5’6

For your current weight, I’d ‘estimate’ you’d quite a bit over 2000kcla for maintenance, I’d estimate 2500-3000ish, BUT that’s just an estimation & real life always gives better feedback

Following on from the above, if that intake of 2000 is accurate, it looks like your weight is balancing out & staying stable for the for the week, BUT is that different to before? (has weight gone up or down from prior to this week?)

I’d run those kcals for 2 weeks & then review to get a better picture

If you’re lsing weight, there’s no need to keep dropping calories/food mate, you’ll just make things ahrder for yourself when you don’t need to, eat as much as you can whilst losing weight (listen to your hunger also of course, as in don’t force yourself to eat if you’re not hungry)

Counting cals might not be the best option for you in the long run if you don’t enjoy the process, but it does seem to be giving you a good get of guideposts to aim for right now, so I’d consider sticking to it for at least a few weeks while you learn more about yourself

Hope that helps mate?

I think you may need to have a sit down/consult with someone as you’ve obviously got a ton of questions & thing you want to know about, more that I can answer on the fly on here

Something to consider :slight_smile:


Cheers squire and thanks for your reply really is appreciated, to answer your question;

I am generally on my feet all day not hard work but generally moving most of the day, I cycle into and home from work everyday 2.5 miles each way. I walk every day for 30 mins at lunchtime & in the evening I do 30 mins of either Run, row, indoor cycle and 30-40 weight training 5 days a week.
I track cals on MFP don’t mind it really its sort of habit now and usually weekdays I mostly have the same anyhow.
Things that happened over the past months that I believe were a result of low calorie and high exercise, think I realise now but not while going through it.

Lack of sleep, still not great but getting better
Irritable legs while in bed, now completely disappeared
Tied & weak, sleeping better and a lot stronger
Always starving hungry,

I did contact you directly through you web site but had a message to say you are currently full up for a few weeks.
Thanks for you time


Well sounds like you’ve got a really good grasp of where you’re going & what you need mate!

Keep us updated, keep asking questions & keep posting whatever is on your mind (even if it’s just to get it out of your own head)

Oh cool, I’ll reply to the email soon :slight_smile:


how are you getting on with things so far mate?


Check out @Orangethunder 's injury support thread mate


Will do. I seem to be on this past few weeks as the weight is going :-1:t2::sunglasses:


Hello mate,

Erm well last week up until Thursday felt really good and fit but no weight loss, hovered between 2000 - 2300 cals a day.

Friday Sat Sun & today pretty shattered I must say, Sat cals were 2200 but was rest day and did indulge in French stick but within calorie allowance & same yesterday although 2300 calories and too tired to do any exercise. Tiny bit better today but think I may have some sort of bug or something not sure and by the way weight went up by two pounds Capture

So do I keep doing the same and keep watching weight rise or 1. do more 2. eat less??


Ok cool so last weeks average was 180.2

I’d continue with the same intake for this week, then compare the averages & then you can make a decision based on accurate data/feedback

A few notes:

“Fri, sat & Sunday shattered” do you think this is down to dropping food intake or over activity (what’s your current activity looking like?)

If being tired affected your activity over those 3 days, it may have also affected your net energy output…

consciously or unconsciously moving less, fidgeting less, sitting down more, less overall activity etc

Which is why it’s important to look at the longer trends (1-2 weeks) to iron out any random spikes & get more accurate feedback

Also, you said you might be coming down with a bug?

Again, this could factor in & could either make you hold or even lose water weight (stored in certain cells)

again looking at your weight it’s been pretty stable, up & down by about 1lb every day except for the past 2 days

Big meal Saturday night maybe?

But yep, I’d say continue for the next week & then compare the averages before changing anything

You could also use other methods as well or instead of the scale, like a waist measurement, pictures, clothes etc (scale can be useful to have in your toolbox but there’s so much up & down it can also confuse things if used by itself, as it measures total bodyweight not just bodyfat)

PS – I will get back to your email soon mate :slight_smile:


morning squire,

Details on your points above:

Ok will hold at 2000 mark for this week

I have in fact upped my calories the last 3 weeks to 2000-2300 from 1200 previously

Current activity is as it has been over the past 6 months or more, I cycle to and from work 6 miles daily, I walk every lunchtime 30 mins 2.5 miles.
Mon run 3-5k & 30 min weights.
Tuesday Turbo trainer 30 mins & 30 mins weights.
Wed usually 800m swim or rest depending on energy levels
Thursday run 3-5k & 30 min weights
Friday Indoor row 20 mins & weights
Saturday rest
Sunday 1 hour steady turbo

(If being tired affected your activity over those 3 days, it may have also affected your net energy output)
Thursdays run was very hard and slow compared to previous, Friday was ok but sat & sun did nothing felt washed out better yesterday 5k run was fine as was weights.

Yes I think I had some sort of bug but I think its either gone or going

(Big meal Saturday night maybe?) No just a large slice of French bread which I would not normally eat so maybe extra carbs with associated water?

Yes I take my measurements weekly but never really see much change & same as photo’s stopped doing them as never see no change so seemed waste of time.

You can probably see now why I’m so frustrated I think I am doing all the right things but fat wont shift hence why I have had blood tests, DNA, stool tests. The last two PT’s I have used are astonished that I get no results!!

I have been trying to lose this weight all my life, but seriously been trying since 2010 and the lowest I have been is 170 pounds (currently 180-183) on slimming world but very skinny fat and unfit.

Don’t get me wrong I feel as fit as I have ever been and am hoping to do triathlon in May but would like to lose the weight and look more of a triathlete rather than a fat bloke doing a triathlon :slightly_smiling_face:


What was your average calorie intake for last week mate?

You say betyween 2000-2300 (the 300 variation is potentially a difference of 2000+ calorie for the week, which is the best part of 1lb loss or gain)

If you we’re getting 2300 most days, then 2000 is a drop in calories (one that you might not need yet)


15807 over a 7 day week mate Friday to Thursday


right, so that’s an average of 2260 (let’s call it 2300) per day

Stick with that for the week then review to see if changes need to be made


ok will do

Thanks for your help squire


Hi Maxnas,

Ok so past week averaged 2344, weight today was up to 183.1, but rest of the week has been 180-181.2. This rise is almost certainly down to water weight as Sat night at a party I had 4 Vodka & diet coke but any amount of alcohol and I retain water for a day or two. I will almost definitely drop that by tomorrow being a very rare drinker I know exactly how it effects my body.

Plan this week is to hit 2000 calories a day and hopefully should see a small weight loss from the 180-181.2 that I had most last week ?



I have three weeks now with nothing that will interrupt my plans so a great time to sort out where my calories should be to start this fat loss going again!


Mon 183.1 Cals for Monday 1968
Tues 180.4 cals for Tuesday 2012
Wed 179.6

Probably found that 2000 is where I need to be to lose as 2200-2300 cals looked close to maintenance,

Any thoughts appreciated


Sound fair mate, give it a try for a week or two then review things,

I’d consider throwing a waist measurement in their also (if you’re a numbers guy & don’t get stressed out by them) :slight_smile:


I actually wrote something for the first time in a bazzillion years that might be helpful

I made a video on this about 2 weeks ago in my fb group & posted a write up that I left as a draft as I wanted to take some time to make it better, but meh… I’ll tidy it up later at some point