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want some science?

I got science >>>>



What are your views on intermittent fasting and HIIT ?



Both CAN potentially be useful tool to manage calorie/energy intake if you enjoy them mate :slight_smile:


Anyone like Avocadaos?

To be honest I find them gross! (sorry avocado fans, just blergh!)

This is my typical list of fatty foods

*Nut butters
*Olive oil
*Coconut oil (no its not magic fat burning food Joe Wicks)
*Oily fish (also good source of protein)
*Eggs - in moderation as I don’t like the smell (yes they’re safe for you, the saturated fat = high cholesterol thing isn’t true)

Are you ‘Pro’ or ‘No’ for avocados?



@Sacadoh :point_up_2: :muscle::+1:


I’m a fan in fainessm, bit of red onion and chipolte paste with some poschedeggs, “sweet as a nut”


@maxnas I’m still on the downward and noticed the bottom of the belly becoming soft. I’m now thinking it may sag down the line. Any exercises I can do to combat this as I lose? I’ve seen Pinterest with floor exercises to tighten but wanted to ask you first. I’ll post on fb also👍🏻


Hi mate, sorry for the late reply. I’ll jump onto FB a little later today


Take your time. No rush.


Hello can i ask 2 questions when u got time. Do u think mental problems/feelings etc can make it harder or is it just a thing u do thats not 2do with that?

Second exept from hopefully less risk of certain problems in the future (eg. Heart attack) r there any good things about weightloss, as in things u can feel straight away n that happen every1. Askin cos i think it help motivate if there was good plus sides.

Also is dancing good exercise healthwise?

Thank u


Hi Maxnas,

Ok so I have four solid weeks of measurements, starting weight Nov 2nd was 181.9 as of 3rd Dec 180.5 my average cals for same period was 2034.5. So pretty confident my maintenance I am going to set as 2100.

Splitting it down a tad more because I have the numbers, first two weeks average cals were 2086 and weight was down too 180.7, second two weeks average cals 1998 weight down too 180.5.
I am therefore going to go for 1900 cals for the next two weeks, does this make sense?

And again just a little experiment I did the last seven days was to up my calories a tiny bit above maintenance 2150 and low and behold average weight goes up to 180.8.

Ta daaaa, so this is my eureka moment, finally found maintenance calories and no more 1000 cal starvation for me, just steady dieting.

hope it makes sense.



1 – Yes absolutely it can & does make a HUGE difference mate, this is why it’s so important to get the correct help for your needs at the right time

For example, weight-loss might not be the best goal for some people right now as they might need to address other issues first to be able to have success with weightloss in the long run

2 – As far as health, weightloss itself seems to help with an endless list of healh benefits, such as reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, heat disease, stroke, certain cancers (& maaaaany more) as well as the obvious general health, fitness, performance & then also whatever positive mental health & confidence benefits someone might get.

3 – Dancing, yeah sure, activity/moving in whatever form you enjoy is only going to help!

Hope this helps mate?


Brilliant mate, really well done & great job with the patience!
That patience will pay off in the long term as you’ve learned/discovered some very valuable things that will eliminate some confusion & head scratching in the future
I’ll be getting back to your email over the next week or two btw mate


Aye thanks. Yea just cos i heard different ppl say it can effect it. Im lucky cos i dont rly hav mental problems no more so that means i can focus on other stuff. Funny tho it was actually from hospital i got in2 the gym cos i use 2 like it there

Yes thats good points i think i wanna b as fit as possible cos then ppl will b even more surprised. I dont wanna rly get out of breath

Dancing is hard 2 work out ur actual cals but i hope it is actually use some. Tbh i find it nearly impossible figure out the cals in general so i just hope


ok squire no worries


I just been for a run and it was a disaster. Iv been goin 2 the gym over 3yrs n one of my fav things is the treadmill. I can jog 5k without to much problems, like i break a sweat but not 2 out of breath. I thought i was quite fit.

SO i thought i will try a run outside cos i was think of doing a park run 1 day. Nitemare. In minutes i felt like my lungs n windpipe was full of acid. It was agony. I wantd 2 lie down on the pavement. Didnt but i did stop the run. Im usually keen 2 push thru the pain so that shows how bad it was that i really had 2 stop. My eyes nose and mouth startd streaming everywhere then i had a massive coughing fit. Took me a fair while 2 fully recover. As i say, disaster. I was rly disappointd

So i was wondering…why is running outside so much different then in the gym? What is the burning feeling about?


Could be any number of things. Cold air, hard pavement, compared to the fairly forgiving treadmill. Could also be that you’ve tried to push too hard, too soon. Outside I find the tendency is to go too fast as mentally you can be worried about people watching you. You have to build up gradually, which is why the Couch to 5k app is so good.

Take it steady and build up slowly, otherwise you’ll be susceptible to injuries.


Thats a good point. It was defo cold like! Yeah probs 2much 2soon. I done couch to 5k app but again it was at the gym so maybes i need 2 do it again for outside. I think i accidently used the kids version last time lol, it still workd tho i suppose


Probably a mix of a few things mate

Treadmills are machines & you set the intensity, this can go out of the window by yourself making it easy to both over & under do it

The difference in air quality (plus the cold weather) can impact some people (others might be fine)

I’d treat them both a differently, don’t assume indoor running will be the same as outdoor, meaning if you’re going to do both, be aware that you’ll need to approach them separately

Your indoor running is going well, but think of yourself as a beginner to outdoor running

Hope that helps?



Thank u. Aye ok ill try that. I was just shockd at how much pain i was in an feeling like i must b so much less fit then i thought!! Hopefully i can get better at it. Least i tried alone b4 i done a park run n ladged meself in front of every1