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Hey @maxnas, I’m having a mental block. I have my average weight for Week 1 and my average weight for week 2, and my average calorie intake over the two weeks.

I can’t remember the maths to calculate my maintenance calories, and I can’t find the formula on your site.

Any chance of a reminder, please?


Hi mate, what are the differences between the two?

Are you losing, gaining, maintaining?

There’s 3500c in 1lbs of fat, so for example if you’re losing 1 lbs of fat you’re in a 3500 weekly or 500 daily deficit, so you’d add those back in to get back to maintenance



Average calories over the fortnight was 2,153.
Average weight loss from Week 1 to Week 2 was 1.81lb.

So, does that mean that

1.81 x 500 = 905

  • 15071 calories per week (2153 x 7)
    gives me a daily maintenance figure of 2,282 calories?


So if around 2200 (let’s round upwards as we’re more likely to over consume than under) is giving you a weightloss of around 2lb per week

There’s 3500 calories in 1lb = 500 per day

But you’re losing closer to 2lbs per week, which means you’re closer to a 1000 daily calorie deficit

If you add those back in it will remove the deficit

Does that make sense?

I’d always check the results over 2 weeks rather than 1, just to get more accurate feedback

If you’ve just recently gone back into a dieting phase you may have dropped some water weight which could be confused as fat loss


I’ve read from more than one source that your body burns muscle before fat when performing fasted cardio. I’ve also read the same with regards to intermittent fasting. Does the body really burn muscle before it burns fat? It seems highly unlikely but after hearing it from more than one source, it makes me wonder.


Ah now don’t get him started. Just don’t mention the celery juice diet :joy:




Nah, just ignore that advice mate, it’s inaccurate :slight_smile:


Your body will use it’s stored carbohydrate (glycogen) in the liver & muscle tissue before anything else, so unless you’re carb (glycogen) depleted from not eating ANY carbohydrates over the span of a few days in a row, you’ll always have those stores ready to be used for the first point of energy.


Thanks, and then fat after that?


I feel your pain brother, I’m currently training to be a PT currently working on my first theory modules.
Its not the theory that kills me its the prep in keeping in routine ahhhhh madness. But man that workout when you know you’ve smashed it thats just everything…

Ime not the smallest of guys recently lost 2 stone was 18stone at one point weights always been a battle of mine but damn it not for much longer. A sound mind is a strong mind keep fighting the fight brother!




Hi @maxnas apologies if this has already been answered. Is there any truth in the idea of a metabolic window, where you get more benefit from a protein shake or whatever if you have it straight after a work out?


like 00.0000000000000000000000001%

In reality no mate, protein synthesis is elevated for something like 48 hours post session

Just eat according to your own personal preferences

If anyone tells you otherwise, as them for the source of their information, bet they can’t provide one lol


Hi @maxnas Been reading through a few of these posts, really helpful!

I was wondering if you could tell me how many calories I should aim for for a steady 2lb loss per week. I’m about 5’10 and 230lb. MFP recommend 1,890 which I don’t know if I should trust.

Also I’m quite lazy! I have a sit down job and don’t exercise as much as I should so please only estimate for my BMR not any additional cals, thanks!


Here you go mate

It’s explained in more detail in section 2 of my nutrition guide

The site is a bit of a mess atm, but I’m currently in the middle of building a new site & re-branding


Just to check then, to lose 2lb you need a deficit of 7000 cals right?


Theoretically yes



This is assuming that you are strength training and the deficit/surplus is moderate/non extreme.⁣⁣


Hi there, just wondered if you could help.

I obviously have a weakness in my left leg, over the years I’ve had problems with my Achilles, torn my hamstring and last night pulled my calf.

I always do plenty of stretches before I even leave the house and then more when I’m waiting to play - is it possible I overstretched last night?

Also a more general question, when would it be safe/advised to start swimming after this injury (walking is difficult right now and exercise is a big part of my weight loss) - is it simply when it feels comfortable or are their any hard and fast rules?




I’d defo see a physiotherapist mate, I’m really not qualified to give advice on this kind of stuff sorry.