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Hey @maxnas

I’m on a knee rehab programme at the moment. I’ve got tendinitis where my quad tendon joins the knee. The programme is to strengthen the muscles around the knee, and is low weights at high reps.

I totted up the tonnage for a session and I’m lifting significantly more than in my usual 5x5 sessions.

Question: what’s the difference in impact of doing higher reps with lighter weights?


It’s a valid tool mate, you’re trading impact & likely some strength gains for for less impact on joints/soft tissue & likely an increase in endurance.

I have something similar in my workout templates,

For example, 3 sets of 5 reps at X kg, could be swapped for 3 sets of 10 reps at Y kg, keeping the overall volume roughly equal, but less impact on the joints & soft tissue.

It’s a good course of action to take, well done for doing it intuitively :slight_smile:

PS - You’re likely trading some strength gains, but overall hypertrophy (muscle growth) will be pretty much the same across all rep ranges


Hi mate. Do you know how long you should leave it after heavy alcohol drinking to work out? I can’t really find anything online, I’m guessing too soon is a bit dangerous


pretty much yeah, however long until you’re no longer feeling affected


I give at least 24 hours or more. Then my hangovers are extra long the older i get


I’m quite lucky though and I don’t really get hangovers so I could probably wake up and go straight to the gym but yeah I just assumed that if the alcohol is still in my system it’s not good to work out.


Hello @maxnas can i ask how do u kno if u hav ketosis odour an can u do anything about it (mouthwash n deodoerant??) . Either 2 avoid ketosis and/or the smell

Ps. Im not doin no special ‘keto’ diet or low carbs just bog standard healthy eating and exercise


Hey mate, getting into ketosis is difficult (& mosly pointless unless you have epilepsy as there’s zero benefit for fat loss) so forget trying to avoid it, you won’t accidentally fall into it.

As far as the smelly breath, not much as far as I know, just like anyone with bad breath… brush your teach & use mouthwash etc


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Ok thanx. Am just abit paranoid ppl can smell it on me. Is there a way u can tell if ur in ketosis or not cos i think iv ended up there by accident every now n then


@maxnas I’ve read a lot of conflicting info on the net about DOMS. As I missed a session in the gym I decided it was a good idea to do two sessions in one day using the same muscles (trust me I know now that wasn’t a good idea!) I’m still aching about 48 hours later and I’ve avoided the gym, is this right? On one hand I don’t want to cause myself a serious injury but then I don’t want to take too much time off and not be able to get back into it.


Hi mate, what is it exactly that you’re asking?


Hi, a couple of questions;

  1. I’ve read about a scheme called something like “16/8”. Basically you only eat during an 8 hour period and fast the other 16. I think the theory is your body should burn fat during the 16 hours before being replenished again? Any thoughts on this?
  2. Most of my fat is around my middle - any tips to target this area - I’ve been focusing on Cardio as a bit scared of the weights section of the gym…

Thanks in advance


Hi Mate.

Yep this is called intermittent fasting, or what I call “not eating when you’re not hungry”

It makes absolutely zero difference for fat loss directly mate, but can help some people with hunger

Example: Somebody who doesn’t wake up hungry can skip breakfast & save those calories for a bigger meal later in the day when they’re more hungry.

Unfortunately you can’t really spot target any area of the body to lose fat from, you have to lose overall bodyfat, your genetics will dictate where it comes off first & last (men most hold it on the torso - chest & belly)

The key to fat loss is diet/nutrition mate, cardio can help burn some extra calories but doesn’t come close to the diet/nutrition


Will exercising while I have DOMS make me more likely to get injured or should I be okay to continue?


Hi Maxnas

I’m 28 and i’ve always struggled with weight loss (big appetite low willpower) but i’ve tried a fair few diets such as keto, 0 carb, and some have worked whereas others haven’t. I did do weightwatchers around 6 years ago and lost 2-3 stone but have since put it back on.

Now my problem is calculating the amount of calories i should be eating per day. I’ve been doing Manvfat since January, but broke my ankle in the third matchday. At the time i was eating 1600 calories a day (myfitnesspal calc) with my current stats as; 5ft 10, 109.5kg, sedentary job (office) and playing football twice a week, with dog walking every day. I did lose 8lb within the first 3 weeks but since breaking my ankle i have put that weight back on.

I’m just starting to play football at Manvfat again now and would like some help with what my calorie intake should be, as reading your thread i may be starting a bit low, although i do want to lose weight fairly quick. What do you suggest?


If am unlikely 2b in ketosis … what it mite b…iv basically gave up smoking n this is the unexpected downside no1 tends 2 mention (even tho of course theres much more good side then bad)… now that me mouth inside isnt masked by smoke , i can taste how horrible it is, haha gross