Ask a Nutrition & Training Coach Anything!

Yeah I’ve been on here since about 2015, there was obviously alot less people, but there was a definite community who all knew each other pretty well & spoke constantly during the week

This is why I’m trying to keep these challenges going so we can have some interactions outside of the groups that’s not football. Give people that target

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I hadnt noticed that myself cos im not in the league. For what its worth i still like use the forums ppl can talk 2 me if they want

Ok fair enuf. Im abit disappointed in myself cos i rly thought i was gettin there with it :frowning: I dunno if 2 look in2 how do it properly n if its agood or bad thing 4 me

Online intermittently today, ask me anything & I’ll log on every other few hours to answer :slight_smile:

Mate, I know you say you can’t really target certain areas but I’m really concerned about my moobs. I know its an embarrassing thing to talk about but I feel I have to address it. I’ve lost about 3 stone, I still have a belly and that but the moobs don’t seem to be going anywhere. Is there anything you’d recommend? I really don’t want a more flat stomach and massive tits :rofl:

Yeah I know what you mean mate, I was there myself when I fell off the wagon & put on the weight… males store most excess bodyfat on their torso, but it’s just a case on keep losing overall bodyfat… just keep going mate

The challenges have been great for me, good to have half a dozen at least regularly posting. I wonder if the decline in use of the forum has anything to do with the changes to how badges get awarded, only a smalll thing but means people don’t have that extra incentive to log on

Good point on the badges. People like to see some sort of reward however small. @emma1

I am forever thankful for this website.
It’s an integral reason why I’ve stayed on track on three years.

I reckon there are many reasons why we are seeing a drop off. Most will be difficult to ascertain

I think the issue of maintenance is difficult.
I was flying in early groups with all of us smashing it. ( with a few drop outs)

Now groups are often full of old timers who are effectively maintaining - I rarely note all calories, often miss the odd day , often don’t lose weight.

But the support I get from the groups mean I have stayed in one almost continually for three years. I’m guessing I’m not helping newer members in their quest to lose weight.

Also. Does it put off bigger guys if they are listening to us that have ‘ made it’ talking about loses in the 12 and 13 st bracket? Or whitening on about races and other sporting achievements that seem far away when you are starting out?
I hope that’s seen as a genuine question - not trying to be patronising. Not at all.

Could we look at the long term?
I would be happy to work with other long termers to see if we could improve things- assuming others feel there’s a need for a maintenance stage.

I guess it’s a case of working out what the issues are first and then being positive, constructive and remembering the values of the site that got us here.

Just my thoughts.

Sorry if I’m highjacking the thread!

I started this year at 319 pounds, the progress of some of the ‘long termers’ has been inspiring rather than offputting

What I mean is the ‘community’ feel of the forum has disapeared, especially compared to a few years back, it’s become more of a place to post MVF football results

Some of you guys might not see any difference if you’ve only been here less than 12-18 months or so

It was very different previously,

I know what you mean. I joined back in 2016 and you couldn’t keep up with the chat.

Ok- how about having a thread for long term maintainers? Would that help?
So you hit target, then pop into a longer term thread. The issues of maintaining are very different and in some ways tougher than losing.
If you feel like you need a top up (ie, another 30 day loss), you pop back to a group

It may give us a chance to focus on the issue of ensuring the lifestyle sticks, rather than pure weight loss?

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Hi @maxnas

I need some advise. I am not sure if it is something a nutreionist can help with but I seem to crave sweet things or junk food I try and avoid it but can’t was wondering if you know anything simple techniques I can put into place as a that will help me beat these cravings.



:exclamation: PLS HALP! :exclamation:

Some of you guys already know that I’m a nutrition & training coach who helps busy men lose weight so they can look good, feel great & ultimately live longer & better lives, as well as being the current MVF Football Cardiff coach.

I love what I do & I’m always looking for ways to constantly improve myself so that I can keep helping people as best as possible,

Any chance my fellow men could spare 10 seconds to help me get even better at my job by answering 5 short questions on the link below for me?

Thanks so much, I’m super grateful & I’ll be sure to offer some free time/help to everyone who helps me out

Nas :blush:

Hi mate,

It could be that you’re being overly restrictive & it’s causing cravings, that could lead to binges, which could wipe out all the hard work you’ve done prior

I’d say to relax a bit, make sure to include the things you enjoy into your diet in moderation (unless it’s a trigger foods that leads to a binge)

Better to be consistent at 80%, rather than going balls to the wall at 100% but falling off all the time

Hope that helps? :slight_smile:

Yes it does mate thank you however it is a trigger food. Have you heard of or looked into intermittent fasting. What do you think of if you have? Been doing it a few weeks but feel I break the fast with wrong foods was wondering if you could help on what foods I could eat to break the fast.

Hey @Knott

Just saw your post about protein supps/drinks etc

Totally not needed for weightloss mate, for weightloss you need to consume fewer overall calories than your body needs to remaining in it’s current state

EG: If your body needs 3000 calories per day to remain the same as it is right now, anything less than that will result in weightloss

Protein however is important for health, but it can help with hunger & it can help you retain lean tissue as you lose weight (so most of the weightloss is from fat)

Keep it simple & shoot for 1-2 portions of protein 3-4 times per day, or just make sure to have some with every meal

See the graph below for some examples (in the protein section)

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Hi mate,

Yep, intermittent fasting just means skipping breakfast & keeping your calories for later in the day, it can be useful for hunger management,

But you’ve said you’re issue is cravings from restriction?

Looking for ‘best foods’ is missing the forest for the trees mate

You sound a little bit confused to be honest, which is understandable as there’s so much nonsense out there

What exactly is the main thing that you’re struggling with?