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Cravings for junk food and to get a stable wait loss. I have been doing man vs fat for 2 seasons and not lost as much as I would like abs feel I could achieve. I seem to be a sheep follow the crowd so if I see something working for someone but some times I struggle. I seem to struggle following my calories and picking the right foods. I am normally pretty good at following diet plans to a certain degree but come off sometimes not as much as when I counting my calories. I have looked into many diet plans but seem to be rather expensive.

These are my problems and why I seem confused lol.

Ok mate, so what do you think is the MAIN thing you struggle with?

What’s the big rock that if you could remove would make the biggest difference?

The thing I need most help on is where can I find or create a sustainable diet plan that will promote a good weight loss but help me control my cravings.

Honestly, a meal plan is the last thing you need mate, you won’t learn anything from a meal plan, you won’t address any habits or pick up any skills to be able to manage a long term healthy lifestyle.

You keep mentioning cravings, but nothing specific apart from ‘junk food’ which could mean anything to different people.

I’d hazard a guess that you might be someone who fall’s into binge eating traps?

If so is it with certain foods?

If it is, you’ll need to decide if it’s best to limit or completely restrict those foods (for now)

If it’s not with certain foods, then it’s likely that there’s a more pressing issues & a reason why you’re seeking out food for comfort, which I defo advise you to address before anything else.

The crux of weight-loss comes down to consuming less calories than your body needs to remain the same (caloric or energy deficit)

It’s simple in principle, but not always easy in practice.

If weightloss is your main goal right now, you need to consume less calories in a way that you personally enjoy (or don’t hate) & can stick to.

Hope that helps mate

Yes mate makes total sense. The main areas of junk food I full into is anything sweet mainly chocolate and takeaways when feeling lazy to cook. I assume I become obssed with meal plans as I feel that is what I got to follow to loose weight but now not seeing thst may not be the answer. However I try and calorie count however pick the wrong things for my calories so need to make sure I pick the right things. I think bing eating is correct I can’t seem to stop at 1 epically when it’s sweet so maybe I need to look at doing my best to cut it out or a way of limiting it? I suppose I need to ask myself why I bing eat and I have been looking for the answer for a while for a long time but maybe need to look deeper into it. Would you say myfitness pal is the easiet for a beginner calorie counting or is their an easier one? Thanks for all your help mate.

I’ve used and always have used mfp for the last 9 years and it’s worked for me. Some people use lose it also.

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Cheers mate i will give it another go I don’t know why but I seem to struggle with mfp don’t know why either so will give it another go I think.

@maxnas just a come across your website and nutrition guide online given it a good read and makes a whole lot of sense so going to take a laid back approach from tomorrow. Thanks mate for all the help.

Hi all,

I still log-on everyday & check this thread & for any questions that I’m tagged into, but as a few of us have mentioned over the past year or so, the community aspect of the forums doesn’t seem to be what it once was & there’s not anywhere near as much day to day interaction as years past (outside of the football stuff)

Please feel free to join my FB group if you’d like to pick my brains on all things nutrition & fitness on a daily basis :slight_smile:

It seems if it’s not football related no one really cares. As you can see people are waiting for groups for more than 3 weeks with no reply from admins. They don’t even seem to log on here anymore.


Yep going back 2-3 years ago this forum was a daily buzz of communication with tons of regulars, but it seems to have transformed into a place to post football results. Lot’s of the old school/original forum members are in my FB group where we can still chat daily

@maxnas I don’t know if this is anything you can help with but I have been thinking long and hard why I struggle to loose weight and it is not my actual meals its what I eat in between I grab mainly chocolate and work in a food shop so I am around food constantly so I just eat in between either habit or temptations and was wondering do you know any coping mechanisms that I could start using to be able to stop eating the rubbish all the time rather then limiting my self to the 20% which is not that harmful its just I seem to be eating right for 20% and not 80% and believe its down to habit and was wondering if there is a Nutritionist perspective to stop the habit eating. Thanks

Very first thing I’d suggest mate, is to set a habit target addressing the biggest issue (you’ve already identified it, so well done)

How many sweet treats do you usually eat on a typical day?

How many do you think you could cut down to quite easily for 1 week only?

Get a pen & a piece of paper, write down the 7 days of the week

Write down your new daily ‘cut down’ goal.

Put a Y for each day you managed to stick to it & an N for the ones you didn’t.

Look at the total at the end of the week & try to improve by one day next week.

Once you’ve nailed all 7 days, cut down by one more & so forth

Give that a try mate :slight_smile:

Hello plz can i ask. If a friend invites u 4 tea or some situation where u not gonna hav control of what meal u get, how do u deal with it? I wudnt wanna seem rude by quizzing them about cals or refusing 2 eat it. Does it work if u try 2 restrict as much as u can befor hand 2 save up the cals or is that no good?

Probably the best idea mate :slight_smile:

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I am currently around 25% bodyfat with little muscle. I am looking to lose bodyfat but build muscle and not sure where to start.

I am just wondering if I should be eating in a calorie surplus whilst weightraining (assume this should be avoided due to high bodyfat) or if I should be eating in a deficit plus weightraining and cardio (worried that i would lose the little muscle mass that I currently have) any advice would be appreciated.


Hi mate,

The good news is that if you’re new to strength training &/or have extra bodyfat, you can actually gain muscle mass whilst in a deficit & losing weight,

But it’ll be hard to gauge & stay objective, especially if you overly rely on the scale

Remember muscle weighs, so if you lose 1lb of fat & gain 1lb of muscle, you’ll weigh the same

This is why its important to use a variety of markers that don’t mess with your head to get good data back, to see what’s happening

Fat loss/gain is mostly due to nutrition, muscle gain/loss is mostly due to training