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Just an FYI & important reminder:

Insulin is NOT the cause of weight gain

Unless you’re diabetic, pre-diabetic or suffering with metabolic syndrome in some form, Insulin is 100% irrelevant when it comes to ‘things to think about’ in regard to weightloss

Here’s how it works

Certain foods increase insulin secretion (from the pancreas), especially things like whey protein (shocking eh),

Insulins job is to remove glucose from the bloodstream & filter it into other places (muscle tissue, liver, adipose etc)

If you’re in a state of deficient energy (calorie deficit) there is NOTHING to store & you will lose weight

If you’re in a state of a caloric surplus, you will store excess & you will gain weight (usually, depends on glycogen/carb stores & other things)

Just like any other time that you’re in a deficit or surplus

Want to lose weight?

Find a weight to create an energy deficit that you can adhere to, preferably something you enjoy or at least don’t hate

Remember to take diet ‘breaks’ every now & that for sanity sake

Low fat >>> less fat = less calories
Low carb >>> less carbs = less calories
Low sugar (sugar is carbs so see above)
Keto >>> No carbs = less calories
Fasting >>> less time to eat = less calories
Juicing >>> less food = less calories

There’s no such thing as ‘good or bad’ calories, it’s a unit of measurement, just like an inch, metre, mile etc…… it’s a concept, not a physical thing

It’s a measurement of the amount of energy needed to heat 1 kg of water by 1 degree centigrade


(yes, I know it should say ‘fewer’ overall calories, lol)



Hello can i ask do u hav any advice if ppl is medication which is side effects of weightgain. Is there anything thay can b done 2 help as well as just standard diet + exercise or tryna come off the meds? What is the best advice 4 ppl in that sitiation? Thanx


Hi guys. My son is unable to swim at the moment so I’ve been introducing him to the gym.

He asked me yesterday whether the gym session (essentially a 5x5 workout) was the equivalent of his 1hr (80x25m) swimming session.

That stumped me a bit, as I don’t tend to think of gym and swim in terms of “equivalence”.

Any guidance on how to answer the question?


Hey mate, well the medication itself is outside of my scope of practice, but what I can say is that medications that DO have this effect are doing so because they affect appetite

The universal law of energy balance however still apllies (calories in v out)

It does mean that you may need to put more care and attention into managing hunger levels, making sure to select mostly lower calorie filling foods, as opposed to calorie dense foods that don’t fill you

So not much changes to be honest, everything pretty much remains the same,


You’ve hit the nail on the head mate, they’re both very different, but both have a crossover that benefit each other :slight_smile:


Thank u. So is it always the case its just about appetite they dont effect storing fat or owt? Yea, i telt the dr if they want me on this medication it puts me a few steps behind the start line weightloss wise, i mite not ever catch up with other ppl but at least i can move forward eh.
Hunger is always a problem i wish they woud invent a (legal!) way 2 control it honestly haha


That’s right mate, it’s physicals, you can’t make new mass out of nothing, just like when people focus on insulin, you can’t store fat in a caloric deficit


Ah right
Cos u always get this debate round it, so ill b able 2 tell ppl it doesnt effect that way
I hope they take me off that medication 1 day tbh its sh!t the side effects like


Yep, I’ve found that people for the most part, in all aspects of life, love to have an opinion, but generally don’t know what the f*** they’re talking about lol

“I know the experts, scientists and researchers who have spent their entire lives on this subject have come to a confounding conclusion based on the body of evidence over the past 100+ year,s but let me tell you about my uninformed personal opinion given that I know next to nothing about the subject at hand outside of a daily mail article & a netflix documentary” lol


Aye. I mean 2b fair i think ppl is just goin off there own experience of them meds sumtimes cos ppl can get annoyed when on the 1 hand ur drs like take these, then next theyr on about ur weight. But i think sumtimes ppl dont realise they was eating more when they was, its easy done i suppose!!


Hi @maxinas any ways you can recommend to stay fit and exercise whilst having a 3 year old in tow


Hi mate, to be honest, this is just something that comes down to a matter of managing time, making time & making use of the time you have available.

I’m not quite sure what you’re ‘barrier’ is?