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Hey @maxnas, I’m having a mental block. I have my average weight for Week 1 and my average weight for week 2, and my average calorie intake over the two weeks.

I can’t remember the maths to calculate my maintenance calories, and I can’t find the formula on your site.

Any chance of a reminder, please?


Hi mate, what are the differences between the two?

Are you losing, gaining, maintaining?

There’s 3500c in 1lbs of fat, so for example if you’re losing 1 lbs of fat you’re in a 3500 weekly or 500 daily deficit, so you’d add those back in to get back to maintenance



Average calories over the fortnight was 2,153.
Average weight loss from Week 1 to Week 2 was 1.81lb.

So, does that mean that

1.81 x 500 = 905

  • 15071 calories per week (2153 x 7)
    gives me a daily maintenance figure of 2,282 calories?


So if around 2200 (let’s round upwards as we’re more likely to over consume than under) is giving you a weightloss of around 2lb per week

There’s 3500 calories in 1lb = 500 per day

But you’re losing closer to 2lbs per week, which means you’re closer to a 1000 daily calorie deficit

If you add those back in it will remove the deficit

Does that make sense?

I’d always check the results over 2 weeks rather than 1, just to get more accurate feedback

If you’ve just recently gone back into a dieting phase you may have dropped some water weight which could be confused as fat loss