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OK thanks. I am starting to get it.

I have a question for a dietitian. Is there a good mid day snack? Something low-calorie, but gives you some satiety and energy?


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Thank you.

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thanks for the reply btw! I want to give that snack idea a whirl, I just need to find out where to pick up some of the ingredients.

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The protein powder can be any good isolate or concentrate e.g. Bulk Powders Pure Whey Isolate 90, the organic nut butters can be picked up in Holland & Barrett or majority of Supermarkets (Meridian is one of the best around, Pip n Nut is decent too).

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I thought we had a GNC near us, or a Stop & Shop. I’m going to have to look into whether they carry that protein powder.

Thanks again!

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The bulk powders stuff is good. I get mine from Amazon, or direct

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I am hopeless. I work in an office and my diet is not great. I don’t eat a lot of junk food - like sweats n crisps. But what I don’t do is eat fruit n veg at all. I enjoy meat and lots of it - mostly chicken n fish. A typical day for me looks like:

Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - some sort of sandwich (4 slices of white bread and a filling either meat or a pre made filler from supermarket)
Dinner - a meat product and chips

At the weekend it doesn’t vary much more than the above but on a Saturday we tend to get a pizza takeaway.

What I want to know is, what should I be eating ideally. I am not one for “diets” but I do want to make a lifestyle change but one that would allow me to continue my Saturday treat.

Any advise would be great.

Just replied to you @Steven_Henderson in a thread ‘Healthy eating for fat loss’…

Hope it helps mate.

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A quick one:

I plan to have a daily 100 kcal snack of 1/2 slice wholemeal bread (Tesco value) and 1/2 tbsp. oil (rotate between what I have in the cupboard; olive, hazelnut, walnut, rapeseed)

Is this a good principle snack?

Increase good fat intake paired with carbs, reading about what you posted about food pairings before could these work together?

edit: I know this isn’t revolutionary and is very Mediterranean and they’re fit as fiddles…

Hey @PickleRick I would agree that your logic is spot on…although there would ideally be a protein source alongside this such as that found in nut butter, cream cheese or houmous, I think as a snack (we are talking half a slice) alongside say a small handful of raw nuts, would be fine.

Good question. If you respond well to bread then and don’t bloat distend then no reason why not.

See how you feel and indeed how the body responds.


I really struggle to eat in the morning for a few hours from waking up so I have started to have a protein shake just to get something inside my stomach. Is there any downside to this?

Also, I struggle to find things to snack on during the day. I have a nut allergy so the likes of nuts, peanut butter etc are out the question.

I am currently having a high protein low carb diet but really struggle to get to the protein levels my body requires. Any help would be great.

@steleonard1989 There is no downside to having a protein shake in the morning, in fact it helps to shift the body into anabolism and replen he amino acid pool that may have been depleted overnight (we fast for 6-8hrs over night usually). So the hit of protein first thing is a great way to start the day. It would be preferable to have this alongside say some oats, but if you find it hard to stomach in morn then not much you can do other than train yourself into it gradually via say small mouthfuls progressively increasing over the days/weeks.

Snack wise look into nut free protein bars such as Pulsin, they have a decent organic range that are sub 200kcal and high in protein. Consider ryvita with houmous or cream cheese, guacamole, and perhaps couple this with a portion of fruit e.g. 1 medium apple or 2 satsumas or 2 plums or 1 medium banana.

From a protein point of view, you need to consider eggs as a lunch (some scramble or poach them in microwave), a lean meat source at lunch e.g. chicken, tuna or a healthy fat/protein option such as canned mackeral or fresh salmon where poss (I appreciate work circumstances can dictate). The protein bar will help but natural sources of protein including beans, peas, pulses also contribute a good amount of protein.

Evening meals will be key to upping protein, the usual meat sources again will see you get a good 25-40g protein in. Red meat is useful 1-2x per week for the haem iron and other benefits it offers.

Then mid-evening time is a window of opportunity often missed e.g. go for some Greek Yog (higher in protein than natural) combined with say some chia seeds (assuming you tolerate seeds), berries and even few squares 70%+ dark choc grated in.

Some options at least, hope it helps for now.


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That’s a great help. Thank you.

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Great stuff Tom. :sunglasses:

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Nice to meet you.

For those following a ketosis based approach (less than 20g carbs a day in my case) of the fats that are out there in supply (natural form, clarified, cold pressed, whatever), which would you rate in terms of use for day to day health, energy, and overall benefits in terms of nutrition within the boundaries of calorie control alongside.



Not a nutritionist but following ketogenic diet myself. Try using good quality fats.
Extra virgin olive oil (doesn’t matter if it is Italian, Greek or Spanish)
Organic grass fed butter. Kerygold is great
Coconut oil (non GMO preferred)
Avocado oil
Ghee butter

Cold pressed is always better.

Avoid vegetable oils and margarine. There is a lot of hype for MCT oil but I do not think it is necessary so save your money as it is expensive.

What is your opinion on low carb/keto diets


Been diagnosed with high cholesterol, are there any particular foods i should eat/ replace in my diet?

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If someone wants to reduce or cut out carbs, what types of high carb food should be avoided?

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