Attention all Man v Fat footballers!



As we all know whether you are a top athlete or someone who hasn’t walked further than the fridge in 10 years, warming up is crucial to not only performing well but also avoiding strains, pulls and worse. Below are a few basic warm up activities and football drill to do 15-20 mins before your game to get yourself prepared and feeling good.

After this to get you ready for your game try one of the following football drills to get your touch going and be match ready.

Massive thanks to all the players at Man v Fat Fox Hollies for helping put the videos together.

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Football Pains
How A Year of MAN v FAT Football Has Changed My Life


Quality! Great stuff @Hollywood and the Fox Hollies lads!


Pass and move?! I haven’t kicked a ball in about 15 years! This is going to be interesting!