Audio book recommendations

Ok so I have my monthly credit for another book on audible.

I plan to use the audio book format whilst out on my nightly walk (got to keep those steps up) so I’m looking recommendations of something to listen to, it can be anything you’ve read or listened to recently that you think was decent, even if you read the paper book stick the title up please and ill check if its available as an audio book.

Come on chaps help a brother out.



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any of these are good


I’m a big audible fan and have been working my way through books along motorway drives.
Really depends on your tastes but I find when I discover an author I like I go through the books they’ve written. I’ve been all though:
Peter May - Some novels set in Scottish Highlands, a series with a scottish forensic investigator in france and another series set in China.
Michael Robotham - Good series about a forensic pschologist
Linwood Barclay - Mystery/thrillers centered around different characters n the same American town. Interesting as minor characters pop up as major characters in different books.
Michael Connolly - The Harry Bosch and the Lincoln lawyer series.
Currently working may way through John Verdun.
With audible the readers voice is important and some people are better than others. Sean Barrett has a good voice.

I find listening too difficult during strenuous exercise but should be just right for a walk. Think it would be a great habit as you’ll be keen to get out to hear the next installment or walk further to hear more.


What do you like? Sci-Fi? Fantasy? Self Help Books?

I’m big into sci-fi and mysteries. So I can make some decent recommendations from there. But if thats not your jam, then my recommendations won’t do you any good.

Let me know!

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Recommend away my friend, ill take anything.

This is about getting into something a bit different.

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If you find a reader you like to listen to it can often introduce you to books you probably wouldn’t normally engage with.

Not strictly books but I binged on a few podcast series last year - Tanis, Rabbits, The Black Tapes - whilst walking/running, would defo recommend if you like spooky/quirky stuff.


Ok then. For sci-fi books I’ll recommend the lost fleet series till the day I die. It starts off a little dry, the first novel is very rocky. But if you can get past that, its an awesome series. Besides that, I can recommend Starfire and then Fey (prequel to Starfire). Again, a little dry. But they really satisfied my desire for tactical space ship combat, and interpersonal combat and outmaneuvering each other. A need I didn’t know I had till I read them.

The martian is hysterical, as it is informative. All the science in the book is 100% sound, there is nothing in it that is fantastical (other then it taking place on mars). The movie really didn’t do it justice. The next book the author put out, artemis, is pretty good too. But they aren’t sequels to each other.

The expeditionary force series is…decent. The first book was great, the second was kinda meh, and the third was able to come back to good.

The legacy fleet series I would recommend. Great tactical ship to ship combat. The story is a little out there, especially that twist at the end. But the battles are so good, I can recommend them regardless.

After that…the Dresden files. PI novel series with a fantasy twist to them. Very good books those.

The Comoran Strike Novels are pretty decent. There was some things I had a hard time with, being from the US. But overall, I’d say they were pretty good.

The last coin is an odd book for me. But it was actually pretty decent. The only thing that saved it for me was the narrator. But I did enjoy my time with it, so if you like the narration of the martian you might want to look at this one too.


Try The Lies of Locke Lamora.

Retribution Falls for something more steam punk/fantasy.

Also recommend the James Clavell books - Shogun to start

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The left hand of God (start of a trilogy)

The blade itself (start of a trilogy)

Also these have great readers you’ll recognise sean Barrett the left hand of God narrator as a familiar vonce from quality TV documentaries.