Bad News, but a Fresh Start


Well, I received some bad news last week.

My childhood illness and too many miles on too heavy a body have taken their toll.

I have been advised, by my physio, not to run anymore. My knees are shot and even a short walk yesterday had me in pain.

In under 5 months, I have went from a running coach, running event coordinator and a running blogger contemplating my first ultra marathon to someone who struggles to walk to the shops.

The old me would be wallowing in self pity, but what good will that do me?

My condition isn’t life threatening and with time and training I can repair some of the damage and ensure that I remain mobile and surgery free for as long as possible.

I will do this with cycling and weight training.

I bought a new bike (used my health rewards to get 50% off it) and I will be cycling to work before throwing myself into cycling challenges

I am not one for sitting around (literally ) so I’ve been speaking to friends in the cycling world and I am going to be involved in some exciting projects. Hopefully, I will become as passionate about cycling as I was for running.

My running days might be numbered, but I will keep moving.


Your inspiring post, along with so many others I’ve read in this forum is why I feel sure I can stick this out to the finish. Thanks @howmanymiles. Enjoy your bike!


@howmanymiles - Great mindset! Plus when you lift weights, it’s a fantastic way to get some of that anger out. Yell, grunt, scream - all is OK when lifting (Not OK when just grocery shopping though).

Try the new things and you’ll find one that sticks and works


Really sorry to hear that Steve and I think cycling just gained a powerful ally!


@Spinner you are too kind. Man V Fat is a great community and we all feed off of each other’s positive energy.

@MSK (apt name for this thread) , I’ve always wanted to weight lift. Now I gave to.

And yes, I am a Try Athlete. I try everything.


Good on you @howmanymiles. Tough news but with the right mindset you’ll do brilliantly.


Thanks Shan, I need to focus on me, but already worked with Cycling Scotland and you might be interested to learn that I am going to be trying street trialling.

Also might have a wee Halfords post coming up.


I’m biased because I like cycling and don’t like running. But I always look at the faces of runners and cyclist as they go past me. Rarely do I see a smiling runner. They are usually grimacing. I often see smiling cyclists, usually going down hill.

Good luck with the cycling @howmanymiles. I don’t know you but I’m betting you’ll do well. Watch out though the bug will bite and you’ll be listing after w second bike before long.


Fantastic and motivating post / attitude, I’ve recently had a few scares myself which have similarly inspired me to keep at it with a view to long term preservation.

At the time I was doing 3/4 sessions of high intensity exercise per week which I’ve since substituted a few of in favour of cycling and swimming.

Keep up the positive attitude and focus, it’s post like these that remind me why I keep battling on.


Great attitude @howmanymiles. I did the same after packing up Rugby. Life goes on. See you on the bike sometime I hope.


Yes I feel the same on my bike when I see runners going past me :smiley: I’m sure you’ll love your new sport. The scenery changes more quickly.


Cheers, guys. I have my first group cycle planned for Sunday.


Hi @howmanymiles Enjoy and don’t try to be overtly conpetitive on your first group ride. Basic fitness does not always translate directly into bike fitness. Keep plenty in the bag. Drink lots of water and take a few protein bars and eat small amounts frequently. Allow yourself time to have a decent breakfast at least an hour before setting off. Enjoy!


Ah, it’s a fun ride. Mostly newbies (I hope). Thanks for the excellent advice. Very similar to my prep for some of my long runs.

I have to say, tonight it dawned on me that running is over for me.


I am sure you will love getting out on the bike. Very gentle on the joints and a really fun way to stay active and healthy. There is a Man V Fat Strava group you might like to join.


I will. Cheers.


Get me involved in that also please!


Here is the link to the MvF Strava group -


Just signed up to join the website and am reading a bunch of blogs and such. In my youth, I was a runner, now I wouldn’t even attempt it; knees and such. It’s been awhile since you posted. How are you doing now?


Thanks for asking, @Orion1

I am progressing nicely (had a wee breakthrough) with the swimming and I have even managed to use my limited cycling skills to gain entry to the Pearl Izumi Champion Team.

Knee is still painful, at times, but if you have read my blog, you might have seen a lot of feet related posts. I have been working with the College of Podiatry and it seems my knee problems are connected to my feet problems. I have had orthotics manufactured and they do seem to help. Walked close to 90 miles in Lisbon on a long weekend (ok, it was almost a week) without any real discomfort.

Weight is still troubling me, but making progress there too.

Welcome to the site and I hope you find it helpful. There are many inspirational guys who regularly post and everyone supports each other