Baldness hatred! I am seriously (genuinely) considering this


Any fellow folically challenged guys that know anything about this or have any thoughts on the issue and the results?

Seen it a few times, it looks amazing.

I had an appointment booked last year, and with job/location changes, I never got round to going, but I am seriously considering it again.

Cost for a full head would be £1500-3000… I was thinking if I ever get to my target weight… this would be what I would do to celebrate.

I often think baldness is something a lot of guys worry about, I certainly did for years!

Would love the appearance of a proper hairline again.



Ever consider it? You’re in the same club as me I seem to recall?


I’ve seen it in the flesh and I’m afraid it’s like CGI in the movies. It just doesn’t look real.

I would probably buy a cream if it could naturally restore my hair but until then I’ll just convince myself I’m Statham…


Really? Not convincing then?


My biggest worry would be the colours fading, you often see issues with black turning to blue, green to yellow in tattoos etc… Not sure I’d want that when I was 65


Haha! Exactly - although there’s lots of hope that baldness will be reversible within a decade or so, so I’d just hold fire for that, or get the sharpie out for the meantime…


I’ve often thought you look like Jason Statham @admin :slight_smile:


I have the whole baldness thing going on. You have the option of doing a Trump and going for the comb-over, or shaving your head (which is what I do).

I can’t say I love having little hair on top, but conversely it doesn’t bother me to the point where I would consider hair plugs. From what I understand for me I would be looking at around £7,500 based on my hair loss. So if you would rather have hair fair play, but from what I have seen it isn’t an instant fix, the roots are planted, the hair then falls out and you get regrowth of new hair, but it will take a while to see results.

To be fair I am more impressed with the hair prosthetics (semi-permenant wigs) that you can get these days, but you are looking at £150 a month upkeep and maintenance. They are very realistic looking and give you an instant fix ( ).

Alas I think based on the cost though, I will invest in a few hats instead!!



Seems pricey though… £2 grand a year anyway even with that option.

I am in a much better state of mind with my baldness these days, not being fat as f@ck makes a massive difference to my self esteem around it, but I also think the bald and stubble looks pretty cool as well, which is pretty much what I do.

there’s no perfect solution for sure, but I fully support any guy who says they are prepared to do something about it to make them happy.


Yeah, but you can pay £370 as a taster for 7 weeks to see if having hair immediately gives you a boost, then you aren’t spending £7,500 up front.

In fairness I pay nothing for haircuts as I have trimmers and I don’t need to spend time drying or styling my hair, so it is a lot cheaper the way it is!!

If it was free I may do it, but as it is, it really doesn’t worry me.


Is there any legitimate way to recover baldness?



All of the fixes are mostly either invasive surgery (the follicles can be removed from healthier denser parts of hair growth and replanted elsewhere on the head), prosthetic/wig cover up, or medicine based.

The only two proven medicines are minoxidil and finasteride, both are patchy though, and need to be taken for the rest of life AND can cause all sort of side effects. for example, finasteride was originally another drug made for enlarged prostates - they found that hair growth happened as a side effect!?

I used Minoxidil on my head for a few years in the 90s, it does work, but it’s not amazing, had to apply twice a day, and it only really stops balding getting worse.

As @admin says, it just one of those things you cant really reverse


Yeah, that’s the thing - you’re really talking about halting the progress rather than reversing.

TBH if I’d had acccess to £3k a year in my early twenties I’d have probably given @James_H’s route a go. As it stands I’d never live it down if I did a 7 week trial. My kids would die laughing and I’m not up for killing them.


Yep @admin - there’s a really good documentary somewhere on BBC with Karl Pilkington (obviously bald) who goes out to research baldness, and the companies offering fixes.

He does actually try the wig route, goes to a professional fitter, and it’s actually quite interesting how his face, demeanour and body language changes once he has a professional wig glued on, then bespoke cut to him.

Looks very convincing!

He then goes out on the street, and reports back how he feels… very intriguing how his confidence levels increases, he just starts randomly chatting to strangers and all sorts!



Yeah, it was on the ‘Moaning of Life’, to be fair that is how I found out about it. I must admit, the change it made to Karl was quite staggering, it took years off him. The only problem (aside from the cost) is that everyone you know will instantly know that it is a wig when you rock up with a luxurious head of hair after being bald the day before! Still, if it makes you happier having it, then people will get used to it.

Although there is a stigma attached to wearing wigs, I don’t think it is any worse than plastering your face in makeup, gluing on false nails, gluing extensions in your hair or getting vaneers put on your teeth.

At the end of the day we aren’t on this earth for long, so if it makes you happy and doesn’t hurt anyone else then go for it!!


I completely agree @James_H !

That was it, Moaning of Life!

Amazing thought right, he looks a very handsome guy with the wig piece on!