Bank holiday venue closure- portway



Please note with it being Easter bank holiday weekend this weekend our manvfat football night as you know won’t go ahead this weekend and we start back the weekend after Friday 6th April for registration.
For players this means you are eligible to claim a refund for the match element. If you would like to claim a £3 refund please email me by end of the week (by Sunday 1st April) confirming your wish to apply for refund with either:
Confirmation of your Paypal email address
Or Bank account number and sort code
Or consent to donate your refund to M v F benevolent fund.
Please continue to stay focused and use the online resources to support you and look forward to seeing you the following week

Thanks Neil


Looking forward to joining portway league, West Brom has been great for me and my close pal Andrew, gutted I missed the free meet night ordered my yellow top last night can’t wait #brazilnuts