Barnsley league

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Hello @shephard.anthony - there’s 5 registered players for Barnsley currently, we need to have 30 players to be able to start a league. We have leagues in Rotherham - and in Doncaster as well -

Hi, i have jut signed up to the Barnsley planned league. How many people are interested at the moment?

@MvFFootballHelp could you help with this?

I know it is a bit of a drive but the Doncaster league is starting it’s next season very soon. Registration night is 2nd September and first games are 9th September. Pretty sure we have some spaces so if you get registered you could be playing in a couple of weeks.
Normally after registration we all go down to the pitch and have a game anyway, so would actually be able to play on 2nd, but officail games start the week after.
use this link and it will give yo ua discount on the registration costs, cheers. Paul

Ive just joined the waiting list for the Barnsley league , do you know how may more we need , ill try rope some guys in , cheers Steve

Hi Paul,
i think the Donny league is too far for me, thanks for the offer although!

Hi Steve,
i think it says we need 30 to start the league but i dont have a clue how many are signed up at the minute