Basic Freeweights & Kettlebells on a budget


Alright everyone?

I want to start doing some freeweights at home alongside some plank and other body weight exercises, but I’m on a major budget - I was thinking about getting maybe 2-3 different weight kettlebells from Aldi, but honestly don’t know what to get in terms of the weights themselves.

If I got a couple of 8kg ones, and perhaps one really heavy one for two handed exercises, would that be enough to get me started over a month or so?

Honestly don’t want to spend more than £40-50 because I could quite easily just do stuff at the gym. I don’t have a bench either, so wouldn’t be able to incorporate bar bells / chest type stuff.

What do I need?


Hi mate,

You could pick up a simple dumbbell set


You can literally do almost everything with dumbells by the way

For horizontal presses, you could do a floor press,

For squats you could do goblet squats & split squats,

I have iron master dumbells myself (a more expensive version of adjustables) & a bench, nothing else. I do everything with dumbells

You could still do a full workout routine like this with dumbells easily mate: NEW: Beginner Strength Training Program (@maxnas)

Hope this helps 


I think I’ll have to investigate this weekend… no bench though…


Yeah you could just do floor presses (give it a google) or even pick up an aerobics step to use as a bench


you can even just do push ups for horizontal/chest pressing, its an underrated exercise




I’ve been trying to… I have a couple of sets of push up bars which I’ve been doing plank with, I was hoping that would start to improve my upper body strength a bit.

I’m currently doing 7 minutes of plank a day, split into 1 minute holds… But aware its not going to be enough really in the bigger picture…

Also upping by an extra minute every week / day if that makes sense… so eight minutes a day as of Monday… 8 x 1 minutes…


wow, that’s actually quite a lot mate, not sure I could do that without aching lots!


It made me ache the first couple of weeks, it sends my arms to jelly after the first three or four, keeping my back permanently straight and low is very very hard…


Same weights maxnas suggests, had them for 2 weeks so far…


How are you getting on with them @Darren_Welch?

They are out of stock at both my local Argos sadly… Next nearest store is an hour away.

Still tempted with the kettle bells to be honest, I could get a couple of 10kg bells from Aldi for 20 quid odd… Will see if Argos get them back in in the next few days and make a call on it… The longer I wait, the less chance there is of me getting on with it


You’re in the UK right? Sports direct should have them :blush:


Good shout… Yes, I am


Not done too much with them yet, a few lie downs & lifting them up & down lol

There’s some 30kg sets on eBay for around £23 I recall.


I imagine (well guess actually) that one of those big exercise balls would be good good to lean back on as the adjusting for the wobble of the ball might help the core.


honestly, I’d steer well clear on using an exercise ball while doing something like a chest press, as the ustable surface could shift your body & knacker up your shoulders/chest/arm etc etc… lot’s of good movements for the core, but I wouldn’t advise using them as a base for strength training, you want to be as stable as possible ideally


OK… Ive bought 2x8 kg kettle bells and the Argos Dumbells are on order for weekend pickup :slightly_smiling_face:


awsome, give the beginner plan a look over & craft your workout around what you can do & enjoy mate… let me know if you need a hand putting a plan together around what fits you best :slight_smile:


Thanks, and yes. Very good point.
Cheers man!


cheers man, I definitely need some pointers.


Check on youtube for home dumbbell workouts …lots of floor routines no bench required