Hi everyone,

I was just wondering how many of us there are waiting for the Basingstoke league to start?

At least 2 of us

Looking at the number of available places it now shows 49 so I think 7 people signed up in the last week

Well then we have at least enough for one team :rofl:

Stupid question but would you happen to know where it is being held?

I’ve just joined myself, sooo almost 4v4 :rofl: I’m guessing it’ll be at what was powerleague, but could be else where, QMC I suppose

I’m in… original details said a start of January ‘20 so fingers crossed !!

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I’ve signed up recently, looking forward to it starting!

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Any more news?

Hello Guys
I also joined, need some more info about what is happening? Where, when and things like that?


i did have an email from them saying that there is a league director who arranges the venue and day etc and that they wouldn’t start taking players until there was enough to get the league started but they couldn’t give a start date or venue.

Someone must know whats arranged because like most of you (i assume) we need to know what were doing. There are certain days i cant do.

I joined end of October and totally forgot about it. Is there any details yet?

Still nothing - wouldn’t of thought it would be so much of an issue within such a large town as Basingstoke, especially as the places are funded.

I was paying £6 a game with the guys from work so £5 for 16 weeks or whatever it is will be amazing value.

Just to ask, has anyone on here pushed the league via social media to see if we can get more spaces filled?

Looks like it’s starting in March at the Vyne school on a Tuesday.

If you search for leagues in Basingstoke that’s what you’ll find

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All info shown in the link above.

Hi all,

Just seen that there’s finally going to be a Basingstoke league (been keen to do this since I first heard about it a good few years ago) but I when I try to register for it I keep getting an “this league is only open for certain postcodes” error message. Anyone else have this problem?

Out of morbid curiosity I tried registering with a relative’s postcode practically next door to the Vyne and still got the same error message, so I don’t think geography’s the issue.

Maybe just a glitch as I registered with no issues and managed to secure a funded place. All else fails email them…

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Cheers, managed to get hold of them in the end last week and they sorted out whatever was causing the error, registered with no problem thereafter. :+1:

Any more updates on this? I’m keen to get going and would be good to know how many people they need.

Hi Guys

I’ve been waiting for this to start for ages, Have we got a date yet?

Anyone fancy just booking a pitch and having a kick around or maybe buddying up for a gym session?