Batch cooking

Just spent the evening batch cooking: healthy enchiladas and a massive chicken tikka masala which I intend to freeze down as a quick go-to for evening meals.

Anyone got any good batch cooking recipes they want to share? Or tips on planning a week’s worth of meals?


BTW - how come most of the food the emoticons are sweets and carbs? :pizza: :spaghetti: :hamburger: :fries: :cookie: :doughnut:

I swear by the spicy meatball recipe, i make a batch on a Sunday and have it alternate days throughout the week, absolutely love them.

What recipe did you use for the Chick Tikka?

Like to have soup handy. This is easy and tastes great especially with some added chilli flakes :grin:

I’ve started with this as the base recipe:

But swapped the cream for yogurt and used a non-stick pan so reduced the amount of oil. It tastes amazing, and is really quite low in calories. There’s so much sauce, so a bit of rice or a naan is good to mop it up.


Hi @Ppaul

Depends on what you are looking for but I would recomend chicken to give you the healthier protiens, Chicken Stew, Chicken Bolgnase, Chicken Meetballs, Even hunters Chicken.

My Wife is a school cook so she made me loads of very small dishes and froze them all so it was quick and easy, helps with the diet as it is fast food Lol.

Only thing with Pasta is if you freeze it only reheat once or it goes gooey. :ramen: :stuck_out_tongue:


I make a batch of this sauce, eat 1 portion and bag and freeze the other 5.

According to MyFitnessPal, the sauce portion comes in at 351 calories.
It goes best with tagliatelli (not spaghetti) and a balsamic dressed salad. And yes, there is a difference if you don’t cook it long and slow, so follow the recipe.

If I’m feeling particularly virtuous I skip the pasta and make some courgetti - gotta do something with that spiralizer I wasted £25 on!


I tend to do large batches of mince, onion, carrot, celery, garlic, chilli, tomato, herbs (oregano, parsley, bay and thyme), some kind of beef stock or similar (oyster sauce or marmite works well too). Then I can use it for whatever. Tend to add loads of peas or spinach when reheating to veg it out a bit more.

The not so secret ingredient is time, 2-3 hours on a low heat.

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I’m going to have a crack at these Salmon ones I think - will let you know how it goes…