BBC - Get to running 5k in 9 weeks!


Hoping this might inspire some people - obviously easier said than done, but I`ll try and give this a shot… hope others will follow suit!


I am seriously considering doing this before my first season starts :slight_smile: my plan is to start this once my wife has given birth, so hopefully I should be starting by the end of the month.

I have the App on my phone already



The Borehamwood League have about 20 players (and a few guests) doing a 5k Park Run on 23rd June, to increase the awareness of MANVFAT in the area. Over half of us are building up to this through the C25K programme.
Starting from scratch, a 5k event looks daunting, but through C25K, being able to complete each stage and knowing that the next progression will be achievable to, all of a sudden you will realise that you will hit the 5k target :+1:t2:

Keep an eye out for posts and photos from us at the end of June.
We will be looking to do one again en masse at the end of September.

Of course, with our Run being 7 weeks away, you are welcome to join us :man_dancing:. Especially you, @rkr786 being fairly local to us (no pressure there, but you did start the thread :nauseated_face::grimacing:. :muscle::sunglasses::+1:t2:)
I did my first Park Run when I was on week 6 of C25k

Good luck lads. See if you can persuade some mates to do it with you…so much easier when there is the competition and the accountability


I have found the music on the BBC app, not to my liking ( I think I’m allowed to say that)

I have been using an app called C25K Trainer, which allows me to listen to my own music, with the app then talking over the top when it’s time to run or walk. This is also free to download.


Haha no pressure… I work in Harrow but live in Elephant and Castle, so Borehamwood is a trek! lol.
It’s my bday on the 22nd and I have a feeling I`ll be caught up celebrating that weekend! lol

I am keen to get involved with this:

(Still waiting for @smithr82 to let me know the details…)

good share! RE the music app - will try and check that out


good luck with your imminent arrival mate!


Don’t change the subject :rofl::rofl::rofl:


If i were a bit more local I would consider it! but I am a bit too far SE!