BBQ ideas


So spring has officially sprung (at least here in the UK), and usually April sees the BBQ getting it’s first outing, so anyone got some good ideas for good healthy-ish BBQ food. Looking for alternatives to the usual sausages and burgers this summer.

I spatch-cocked a chicken for the first time last year, worked well and I will try that again. I’ve been having the odd venison burger (159 cal) from Waitrose from time to time, very lean, not sure how they’ll go on the BBQ. I’ve done different fish wrapped in foil etc and lots of veggie kebabs. Other ideas most welcome.


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Though to answer the question. I’ve used some Walden Farms BBQ sauce with chicken which is very low cal. and pretty tasty. I’ve also got a simple burger press which allows me to make lean burgers.


Well as long as that’s all I did to it, I’ll be okay! :poultry_leg:


Gert big mushrooms. Bit of olive oil, salt, pepper, chilli flakes optional. Wrap in foil & Barbie. Staple of all my outdoor cooking.


I had to look up the term spatchcock.
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Bbqs are my absolute favourite. Loads of friends and family, fresh air and great diet-friendly food.

Favourites are chicken basted with honey and mustard, fish work pretty well (mackerel stuffed with herbs), aubergine takes woody flavours really well and stays together on a kebab.

As with most things meat HFW is the Don of BBQs
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s barbecue recipes


Yup. He’s a good lad, HFW, have a couple of his books.

I do veggie kebabs - red onion, pepper, mushroom, drizzle of oil. Corn on the cob, wrapped in foil - same for a big onion, in foil and then sat in at the edge of the coals.

Alternatives to the usual burgers and sausages, that the kids and the wife will like(!), that’s what I’m looking for this year.


I really like doing zucchini or crookneck squash slices lengthwise and brushed with olive oil with some salt and pepper. Cook it just until it gets hot and starts to go translucent…then flip it over and give it a quick sear. Awesome. :smiley:


Beer can chicken :beers::rooster::hotsprings:


I’ve never tried that! Read about it, bit not done it…this summer me thinks! :poultry_leg:


how long did this take?


(Only reading down through the site for the first in a long) time…

In the spring / summer months the BBQ is our go-to for most meals. I’ll get a big tray of good-quality butchers chicken from our local Tesco (they have a partnership with a “proper” local butcher - much cheaper per kg than the Tesco chicken portions!) and do it in various spice rubs and honey&soy / chilli / bbq sauces etc - keeps well in the fridge for lunches and dinners the rest of the week.

I love doing beercan chicken - it’s surprisingly quick - about 45 minutes for a medium sized chicken on a gas domed bbq. A glaze of Diet Coke mixed with bbq sauce is particularly good on the outside of the chicken too.

Other things I love are sweet potato wedges or carrots done in a little olive oil and salt/pepper. And a good whack of corn on the cob.