Before & After Pics (inspiration for the journey)


wow, just found this pic of me when I lost myself & got fat

I’m quite shocked as I haven’t seen this for a long time…

The after pics are a good few weeks (the first about 10 the second about 7) ago, I’m actually leaner than that now…

Even a PT can fall WAAAAAY off & rise again!

We’re all just human and go through ups & downs… there’s nothing different about me, I’ve just got a paper qualification & can write ‘PT’ next to my name.

We’re all the same… we can all beat this shit!


That’s impressive @maxnas even as a PT I think to change in such a big way is amazing.


Great contrast @maxnas & good motivation.

I hope all that hair product isn’t yours :grinning:


Your definition is insane. Good work man!


Haha @maxnas, fat you still looks trimmer than me after losing 3 Stone!



well it’s about a 50lb difference over 12 months :slight_smile:


put a lil collage together… I need to get some new pics, as these are all old now, I’m now a lot leaner than the ‘after’ pics on here :slight_smile:

wow, just looking at that ‘before’ pic… I can see the misery on my face. I remember taking it & feeling like utter shit… the two mentalities are a WORLD apart!


Hey lads!

How about we turn this thread into a ‘before & after’ photos thread for ourselves & others on the journey to see that it’s possible & that they can achieve their goals if they keep on pushing??? :slight_smile:


Sounds like a great idea! I think one “sticky” topic that wouldn’t end up getting buried would be a great idea. I’ll also reference another thread where we discussed:

Here’s a little collage I did a little while back:


Here is mine I had posted it somewhere before.


abs coming through @tanks!


I’ve posted these previously, but they never fail to remind me of how low I’d sunk, and how far I’ve come.


Look like a different person, wow!



I never have a problem posting mine :smile: …they make me happy


These are great!



Great reminder and great achievement @Doctor_Bong.


My extra training is starting to show dividends again, I need to lose another 2lb and I will be the same weight I was 28 year ago which for the record is 18st :slight_smile: am I chuffed you betya, thats a total of 13 stones lost, for those in Kilo mode 82.5kg or even 182lb.

One of my favourite pics from this year :slight_smile:


that is truly amazing mate

well done