Before & After Pics (inspiration for the journey)


Here’s mine.
Just decided to aim for another stone , to improve running times but happy to reach a goal I couldn’t imagine.

April 2014.
First week of running every day.
18st 10 lbs

Today. 13 st 6.5lbs.
884 days running streak.


amazing, well done!


these are all so amazing!


Here’s mine, it never fails to amaze me just how big I had got without noticing.



No matter how shitty and hopeless you feel, it is 100% possible, it just wont be overnight. So forget the promise of ‘quick fixes’ and commit to the marathon :facepunch:


@maxnas wow man…you’re so ripped now!


Thanks man, well I’ve been in better shape (bigger & leaner) but at 35 & after getting in such bad shape, I’m pretty happy with how I currently am :slight_smile:


Before and after cycling over 10,000 miles.


Oh my goodness. That’s a different bloke! Well done, sir


Just stumbled across this post. What great inspiration. Well done chaps


as January has not been a stellar month for my weightloss and the lil voice in my head is going “f**k it, have that haggis pie!” I thought I’d better remind myself how far I’ve come, so…

here’s me in May 2015, with the sickeningly photogenic Seth Lakeman and the pair of us last week, with me sporting the same shirt as last time by the looks of it, although this time round the buttons don’t appear to be under too much strain.


great effort, and shows why we do this…


Incredible. Half your face has gone as well! Seth’s looking older mind.


Pretty pleased with this. Shirt on right might just explain it…


Awesome work everyone!!

Before I went off the rails last year I got from 19stone, 5lb to 17stone 2lb (31lb loss). This was the result:

I’ve got 10lb to go before I get back to that lowest weight; then it’s pushing beyond that into the 16 stone range.



Current condition… really wanna start a lean bulk, but also wanna get rid of that tiny pocket of fat under my belly button

Thats about as good as my abs will ever get due to their genetic shape

Not sure if im gonna burn that last bit off over a few more weeks then go into a long lean bulk or start a lean bulk now


Now that is amazing!


Amazing results.


Amazingly clean oven


(a) Congratulations Stunning result!
(b) I can sort of guess, but what is a “lean bulk”?