Being 20 something


Here goes dunno if many ppl gona answer this cos not sure if many 20s here but thought will giv it a shot since i seen a one about 40s

Is anyone else in the situation of overweight or obese in ur 20s? What do u feel about it an has it been a problem since childhood or only later?

Me i had a weight problem since my whole life, but it got worse when i was 18 cos of living by myself, wasnt good at cookin / be bothered, diet went totally to pot n i just got even heavier

I dont actually feel many of mates or other ppl my age hav this problem so can feel abit different. Also like im as worried about image as any1 else so can feel i dont hav the look. Self concious n that

I feel like if i dont sort this now its gona get more of a problem n i want to enjoy my life in general so thats it really

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Hi Biffa,

I had always been the biggest kid growing up, not overly big but certainly bigger than my friends but i was fairly active back then playing football almost everyday of the week. In my late teens when i got into gaming and stopped playing football is when the weight really crept up. I just sort of ignored it until I moved out into my own flat last September.

I weighed in at 22st 4lbs and i was 20 years old, i knew i had to change my habits then.

Over the last year i have lost 121lbs and my current weight is 13st 11lbs. Its been tough and like you say none of my mates have had the same struggle as i have and the support i have received from them was not much, in fact a few times i felt they were trying to enable me into my old habits of binge drinking and takeaways.

I’m now 11lbs away from my ultimate goal however i’m still not happy with the way i look but i’m gonna keep going unitl i am.

My tips that have kept me going is have a treat meal/day once a week, make sure you stay in a calorie defecit and setting mini goals that you can acheive is a few weeks.


Cheers 4 the reply! Funny cos u had it the other way round in a way cos u decide 2 sort it out when u move in2 ur own place but me thats when it got even worse. Am on it now tho lol

Yes its a good point about friends. They probs dont mean not 2 help but they just dont get it. Problem is when lots of the social stuff is around takeaways n drink n whatever, they want all that an fair 1 i can see how they dont wanna miss out just cos of me, but it kind of means ur a bit left out

Well done on ur weigtloss thats class!!

Thanks 4 the tip, yes i like it, earn me treat days by cutting back beforehand


I’m 27 and the heaviest I’ve ever been, I successfully lost about 5 stone a few years ago and got down to the lower end of my healthy BMI (and kept it off too!) but then I had a baby and bam! She’s 2 on Friday and I’ve only managed to put on weight :smile: Totally my own fault, but tiredness and anxiety are a hell of a combination and I haven’t looked after myself at all.

I know what you mean when you say that if you don’t sort this now it’ll just become more of a problem. But at least you’re aware of it and are trying to do something about it!


Aye. I think ur allowed if u had a baby hope u dont feel bad, but good luck with it, u done it before so u can do it again i bet