Being a man at a slimming club

Slimming clubs like Weight Watchers and Slimming World are SO popular, but from having gone to the classes myself I know they’re not exactly very man friendly despite being (on the whole) a good way to lose weight.

Poor old @Craig_Morris is routinely the only guy at the Weight Watchers meetings we go to :smile:

So - anyone been a member of one and gone to the classes? I’m interested to know your thoughts… What was it like, were you the only man? puts on best therapist voice How did that feel?

Tried Weight Watchers and Slimming World in the past.

On both occasions I started ok and lost good amounts of weight in the beginning but the whole points and syn thing is I think flawed for a guy like me.

It isn’t sustainable and the whole set up is just way to female orientated. It got to the point where I was the organisers ‘project’ which I really didn’t like.

Rapidly lost interest and gave up!

I’ve never been myself but I feel I go in proxy with my wife who does slimming world. She was hugely successful before I met her and has gone back to shift some post 2nd child weight.

I think I’d really struggle with it if I’m honest, without debating the pros and cons of the schemes themselves they work on a premise of do these x number of things you’ll lose weight without ever explaining why. Not sure if it’s a sex thing or just me but I need to understand more about the reasons.

I think there is such a different set of needs between men and women I’m not sure any scheme can really be right for both. That being said weightloss is very different for everybody and you need to find whatever works for you.

I never went to meetings myself but the wife was a member so ended up essentially on the same diet of food.
The whole syns thing wasn’t too difficult for me to get my head around. But having joined some facebook groups you can see some people will never lose weight as they just haven’t understood, or had explained, how calories in v calories out actually works.
Seeing pictures of people serving dinners piled high above the plate and saying, “I can eat all of this because it’s ‘free’” made me just want to plant my palm straight through my face and out the back of my head. Just because you could, doesn’t mean you should.


Never been myself but I think you’ve nailed the issues:

  1. The culture of the meetings isn’t conducive to helping blokes and may be counterproductive
  2. The dietary advice isn’t the best.
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I have been to both Slimmers World and Weight watchers and have felt a bit like a fish out of water - no blokes in sight. I have been fat since I was young and have never lost it. My weight has fluctuated between 24 stone down to 15 stone, currently 18 stone. I play Table Tennis 8 - 10 hours a week, but I need to do more. My diet is one area I could improve on and love salads but I am sure my ears are starting to twitch and grow :smile: I live in Bedford and just wonder if there are plans to expand down here? Anyway will sign up for diet club.

I attended a slimming club run by a PT, targeted at athletes and non athletes, it worked well for me & had a 70/30 f/m split, tbh it felt fine because there were a decent number of men in the room, and all the athletes knew each other. Unfortunately it closed down due to not being financially viable, I’ve enquired at Slimming World but couldn’t bring myself to go along, the woman who replied to my enquiry just totally put me off!

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Aside from the issues mentioned above (namely the fact that they’re institutionally designed for women). The big issue I have with Slimming World and WW are the products that they push to you via the meetings. You look at the ingredients for them and they’re just nasty. To be fair Slimming World’s ready meals are ok in a pinch but any diet that tells me to eat Mueller Light yoghurts by the vat load can’t be quite right.

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Never been myself but know a TON of women that have and still do

The worst part in my opinion, is that none of them ever seem to come away with any education and still have no idea about the fundamental principles of how fat loss works

Alot of them also become very dogmatic and cling onto the ‘good food vs bad food’ dogma


I have done Weight Watchers and lost a couple of stone. I work well with the points system as I am a chef and don’t like to be told what to eat
I do agree about a feminine view point. One time the leader came to the queue and called out " ladies I am running a little late." I was right in front of her and she didn’t see me. There is an assumption that members are women

I agree @admin that with Slimming World, there is a pressure to stay in group. It does help in the short term to keep you on track, but there’s only so many times you can hear the same tips, tricks or recipes. Call it guilt or peer pressure, it works for some people, but not everyone.

Many times i have joined a slimming world and been the only man, they always make a big thing about how men lose weight quicker etc. Always felt very welcome, just get bored clapping every week :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont think id mind that much being the only man in general. Im in the minority at my circiut training an that dont bother me. But i dont like the way them slimming clubs works just 4 me personally. They got all these funny rules and ways that isnt explained properly. Sins and what hav u. They wont tell u what its all about. I prefer just keepin it simple u get me.
BUT i can see how the group support is helpful 4 some ppl. At the end of the day its what works 4 the person isnt it.

At the end of the day its a business. Gotta keep the money comin in. Thats why they dont exactly tell u what a sin is. Makes sure u cant do it alone. Not like that kind of advice u get from a dietician what u can use long term

Exactly mate

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I think there is such an alternate arrangement of necessities among people I don’t know any plan can truly be directly for both. That being said weightloss is totally different for everyone and you have to discover whatever works for you.

I personally don’t use Weight Watchers or Slimming World for their advice. I use them purely as a place to go along and weigh in on a regular basis. Used to do that at Man v Fat until they started forgetting that the football part was supposed to be optional.

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