Being overweight had never felt so good


So this mornings weigh in put me at 227.7. With my height it means my BMI is now 29.9 so I’m official overweight and not obese.
While my journey hasn’t finished, it felt the right time for a victory thread, I’ve lost 55lbs since new years day and my fat percentage has dropped over 10% down to 20.1%.
As another excellent post discussed, it’s easy to start losing focus, but I’ve found rewards and goals keep me driving forwards, I get my next reward when I lose a further 1lb and my next goal is to see a 15 on the scales and to get my 60 lb badge.
Thanks everybody on MvF for your support!




@Andy_Gallon fantastic effort. Well done.


great result @Andy_Gallon well done mate!


Well done you overweight previously obese git :v:t2:️:v:t2::v:t2:


Awesome news buddy. I’m looking forward to hitting that milestone myself. As you’ve said, it’s probably the only context where you’d feel good saying you were overweight.


Brilliant well done! I’m also looking forward to those milestones…2lb off hitting 15 stone, and BMI 30.4…so nearly there.

Keep at it, it’s brilliant what you have achieved.


Way to go man!!! :slight_smile:


Great balls of fire @Andy_Gallon! Nice calorie burning! Good luck to ya bruthah.


Well done mate, it’s been a privilege to be a small part of that journey, hats off!

BTW can you share what your goals are and when you’ve deployed them? I think it’s something that not enough men use to motivate themselves and I like showing off examples of best practice.


My rewards have been set at 2/4/6 stones, so will get my next one this weekend all things being equal.

The goal elements I’ve taken to the next level, so I set them all the time where some are quite small, others are much more challenging. So:

Stone barriers (seeing 15 stone is next)
Getting a new MvF badge (60 is next)
Breaking BMI 30
Getting into smaller clothes
Losing 3lbs every week
Being in the top 3 in MvF football (please confirm if achieved @admin)
Fitness, walking 8 miles in one go, climbing Snowdon etc.

Some of these have dates assigned others don’t, I try to have short medium and long term goals. I’ve got some on my fridge as a reminder, share others on our team chat and the rest are in my head.


Great list @Andy_Gallon. Notice board soon to display mine. Thanks for the tip.


You have been a great example big brother and quality support for my journey too. I have no doubt you will polish of the last few stone in good time.
Hurry up and hit the next reward so I can come round and play on the ps4 (i think that’s your next reward).


1 pound to go, so should have it this weekend!


Thought I’d update with a before and after. Some times I forget how far I’ve come when I still see the lumpy bits!


Congratulations @Andy_Gallon. It’ll probably be next year before I drop below a BMI of 30, but what a great example!


It’s a long journey, I’ve still got 2 stone to go but celebrating along the way helps remind you how far you’ve come


Wow! It blows me away every time I see pictures of these transformations. Way to go @Andy_Gallon!


That is some kind of crazy transformation! 55 lbs since Jan is amazing - well done!


Different gravy. Fantastic job and love the choice of hoodie in the After :slight_smile:

Can’t wait until you do the classic stood in one leg of your old fat trousers pic :smile: