Being overweight had never felt so good


Super transformation @Andy_Gallon. Keep it up, the example to us at the start of our journey is immense.


Wow. What a transformation! Well done @Andy_Gallon


great transformation @Andy_Gallon! I think where you are now is where I want to get to - let alone another 2 stone to go lol :smiley:




It’s the age old BMI debate, I’m still over weight by the charts, they say I need to lose between 2.5 and 6 stone to be a “healthy” weight.
I’m going to keep going till I get my fat percentage to circa 15% and stop. It’s more a battle of what can be done rather than what needs to be done.


I wudnt wanna say ne thing bad about ur old pic cos im not about that, both is good pics…but i can tell ur much more happy with the 2nd one so thats grand well done on ur progress!!!


looking awesome! hitting that overweight category after being obese for a long time is a great feeling.
Question, do you get people asking why you want to lose more when you tell them your still going? Things like, “you’ve come so far, take a break” or “what?! you’re going to waste away, please don’t!”?


That bit, all the time. I just pinch the waist to demonstrate where the last bit of fat is.


It drives me crazy


What they really mean is - can you stop losing weight as it’s starting to make me feel guilty for not sorting my personal shit out!

This post was 2 and a half years ago. If had my weight pretty steady since with a few minor blips. It’s fun going back and reading my updates from the start.


Awesome!! Congratulations on your incredible weight loss to date!