Best Time To Join A Group


Hey All. Wondered what views might be about optimum time for joining a group? I’m new here and know that I will need the support of a group. On previous weight loss campaigns I have consistently managed to hit 40-50% of my weight loss goal on my own given that in the first month or two I’m at my most motivated and seeing quick results as that initial excess weight falls off. It’s the second half of the match if you like where I tend to plateau quickly. I’ve had some good results, think I can get away with taking my foot off the gas for a bit etc. So I’m wondering if that second leg (for me personally, I know it’s all about what works for you) might be the best time to seek a group as opposed to from the off? Thoughts?


Hi there,

For me, I think the most positive step to take is to just get started. Although you do need a plan to succeed of course.

I joined MVF in late November and very quickly joined a group. I have found the accountability drives me towards keeping on track with my plan and the support from the group is amazing.

Do what’s right for you fella and good luck with it!


I would say joining a group straight away is good way to go. That way when times get tough, you already have a group of people there who will encourage you not to give up and keep going.


If you have an eating plan then join a group now. There’s no limit to the number of groups you can enrol in. I did 10 x 30 day groups through last year. The support and shared experiences you get now will help later on when the challenges change. I’m still a long way from target but being in groups with people who have been approaching or reached their target has helped me see some of the problems they face.


No time like the present! The groups are great for support and encouragement at anytime, not just when it gets harder. You’ll also get ideas, and experience from others that will help you as you go along. I’d not hesitate - get in there!


Just to be contrary. I did my first group about a year ago lost about half a stone then drifted off and got even fatter then before. Started again July last year but did not post anything until around October and joined my second group in December to push down to near my target. The accountability and help in the groups is good, but like everything else we are all different. For me starting off on my own and then getting involved further down the road worked (but that is just me). I would suggest doing a group now and see how you feel, two posts a day is easy and not time consuming then you can decide how you are going to play it moving forward.


Couldn’t agree more.


For me it was all about this instant accountability, so ASAP is my recommendation


Thanks for the replies everybody…an overwhelming majority! Nice one!