Best workout music?

Music and exercise are a pretty good match, but did you know that there’s some actual scientific reasoning to why you feel like you can push through a workout when you’ve got the right music coming through your headphones?

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A while back we asked people on Facebook to tell us their favourite workout songs, which I put into a playlist you can find on Spotify here - it’s a collaborative playlist, so add your faves!

If you can’t exercise without music (I feel you), why do you think it’s so effective? What are you loving at the moment?


Mountain climbs on rpm Playlists are epic. I’ll get the link so you can listen

So your just after a speed work track and these baby’s come on for the final track. As it says above a fatigue goes out the window


Anything heavy like Opeth, Gojira or Mastodon usually works for me.





Best music for weights definitely! Amon Amarth, cannibal corpse, slayer (seeing them in a few weeks)


Same!!! \m/,


I’m currently listening to Pantera but the most exercise I’m doing is a sort of jig at my desk. A metal jig, mind you.

I find that it doesn’t really matter what kind of music I listen to when exercising, as long as I know it really well. Only by Nine Inch Nails is my goto when I need a bit of motivation because it makes me feel like a badass :laughing:


I do love a metal and techno music playlist to get me moving in a morning, anything with a good BPM to keep me moving. I am also watching Slayer next month as well as Prodigy, I suspect my fitbit will be going into overdrive with the steps/skanking that will follow!

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Slipknot for me… always…


As someone who loves video games this is my go to weight lifting playlist

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You go last night?

So are we saying audiobooks isn’t a good thing?

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No, I think it’s just that the studies mentioned didn’t even consider audiobooks. I can’t find anything scientific to back this up, but I think listening to audiobooks is a great idea because it’s quite a good way of distracting yourself.

Although I once tried to listen to an audiobook of the Hunger Games while at the gym and couldn’t keep up with it because I was so focused on what I was doing so probably more suited to things like walking/running

I went to the show in Cardiff on the 5th, was absolutely awesome though!

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Live to win by Paul Stanley. Should be man v fat’s official song if you ask me.

“Day by day, kicking all the way, I’m not giving in. Let another round begin: Live to win, till you die, till the light dies in your eyes. Take it all, just keep fighting till you fall”

I’m a rock/metal guy so anything by Metallica, Guns N Roses, Pantera etc does it for me.




Yes this is a complete sentence, let me post it ffs.

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They were truly epic at Manchester Arena last week, I may have to try and get to Download to see them play in the UK for the final time.

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I’ll be there in my Slayer t-shirt, Slayer hat, battle jacket with Slayer back patch…I need Slayer trousers and shoes!

They killed it in London too, such a good show.

So many metalheads on here, this is ace!

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I have various artists and genres on my running playlist but the tracks that I seem to up my levels whilst on is rocky 4 soundtrack. Some really good tracks on it. Also I listen to a few AC/DC tracks like back in black, thunderstruck.
I actually went for a run without my phone and had no music to listen to. My time suffered and didn’t feel as good with my run. Might just be me but I definitely run better listening to my music.