Big and Tall clothing?




Newbie here, having signed up following my joining one of the football leagues.

Anyway, I am in desperate need of some smart shirts for work as of now, so can anyone recommend anywhere please? As well as being massively overweight, I am also very tall so when I buy it tends to accommodate my height or my weight, but never both. I’ve bought my last few from Charles Twyhritt, but they don’t tend to be long enough to keep my gut in my trousers.

Any ideas or recommendations are gratefully received!


Always heard about jacamo. Not sure about sizes now tho. I used to use


M&S big & Tall
Big clothing for u
Bad rhino


How about some tailored shirts? Assuming by smart shirts, you’re ok with button up ones?
Is awesome, just go to a local guy, get your measures, design your shirt and with albeit, a longer shipping time, you get a great dress shirt.


I used to buy a lot from java on I was 29 stone and they did big and tall and loads of choice. I have lost 13 stone in the lat year and sold loads on eBay so lots of men looking for clothes.


Debenhams online do big sizes and I’ve normally found pretty decent quality for shirts if that helps anyone?


High & Mighty are still around with a few shops and online.


Asos do a great plus size mens range like how they hav actual big lads modelling cos some of them companys act abit embarrassed about who there main customers is imo