'Body image'


Soz if this is a very boring or stupid thing 2 talk about but i been thinkin about ‘body image’

Do u think some blokes body image issues?
Do u think it is taboo 2 talk about these things
Do u think body image is about seeing urself how u r or bein happy how u r, or bein able 2 like urself as a person even if ur bodys not exactly how u want it 2b

I am ask it cos i actually do think it can b abit taboo. Of course places like this we talk all about weightloss obvs thats the whole point. But i dont think in general (i dont mean here in particular) ppl dont like 2 talk about it.

I think i hav bad body image, thats the main reason am here, 2 see if makin changes will help how i feel. Spend a fair bit time thinking bout how i dont like my body n it effects my confidence n how i think of myself quite alot . I donot think its good or normal 2 worry about it all the time
BUT i am classed as obese, infact b4 i come on here i was MORBIDLY obese. So i dunno if its classed as bad body image if u just dont like ur body partly based on every1 else agreeing ur fat. I dunno if that makes sense

Feel free 2 comment, nee botha if not tho


Body image is tough to sort in your head. It is easy to write stuff but easy to actually get it through our heads. There is actually quite a bit of body shaming for men now. Magazines are full of fit men who look good in the clothes provided. I don’t like football and did ballroom dancing. The body image stuff in ballroom can get out of control if you are not careful. Accept yourself for how you are now. Then improve. Sounds simple but is not.


Well said mate. It gets overlooked but its there. Aye it b good if we can appreciate ourselves FIRST…hard done, society doesnt approve eh


I 100% have this mate


I’m still trying to figure this out. I know it in here points to head but not in here points to heart