Body Weight Training?


Is any using or does anyone have an all round programme for body weight training? I am rying to build a decent routine using press ups, squats, burpees and things like mountain climbers and cobra push ups but I don’t know what I am doing really.
I am thinking of a 20 min circuit using 4/5 different exercises but I am just guessing as what makes an all round circuit and how to increase it.
Does that make sense?


Ha, I’ve litterally finished my home/travel bodyweight template/plan this morning

It’s part of a full strength training system i’m finishing off, will share a preview soon


Here’s a rough preview mate:

Will be doing a write up on how to use it & how to progress & listing alternative exercise options,

& also recording a video guide & recording exercise examples/options,




I’ve a book… ‘You are your own gym’ - Mark Lauren. I commend it to you, you could do worse than have this at your side.


What is a suitcase row and floor slide?
And pull up table, would that mean lying under the table doing an inclined pull up? Is that correct?
Play parks are good for exercise too. You do quite a good routine using the play equipment. It’s OK to do here as there are no cider/lager/alcopop drinking little rats who will will hurl abuse or objects at you!


Hey mate:

Just a row with something with some weight, instead of a barbell/dumbbell, you can use a suitcase for example (one or two hands depending on weight, make sure you can support your bodyweight on something with the other hand if you’re using one hand)

Here you go

Yep, or anything secure





Haha thanks @maxnas I cannot see the youtube vids so will use my imagination on the floor side.


Basically just lay on the floor & do a pull up lol

(or rather pulling your body forward, then back to the start)


Will have a go.


I train entirely with bodyweight training. (The cool kids call it calisthenics). A good thing to be aware of is how to progress exercises when you get stronger. A good book with all these in is Convict Conditioning. I bought the book but it is easy to find a free online as a pdf there is also a complete video version on YouTube. It goes through the big six exercises ( one arm push up pistol squat one arm pull up hanging leg raise stand to stand bridges handstand push ups)and how to build up to them if you are a complete beginner.


Loads of body weight workouts on youtube …I like the table pull ups …never thought of using that lol .
Great info shared on this forum . Keep it up lads .:+1::muscle:


I just found this guide:

I was going to post it in its own thread, but I can post it here instead. Thoughts?


This website has all kinds of body weight exercise routines , plenty to choose from.