Bodybuilder breastfeeds every two hours


I mean, it’s not what I would want to do, but whatever floats his boat. I mean, hell, if everyone in the world could find a health-related way to indulge whatever their particular fetish is, the world would probably be a better place.

I saw that this morning - extremely strange!
6/7 times it leads to sex so not exactly just a comforting thing either - either way - agreed its just wrong!

Doesn’t everybody else do this?


Not every two hours at least - would get killer dribble rash!

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It could be worse, at least there’s some kind of relationship there. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some news stories on websites that sell breastmilk by the bag!

Jeremy Kyle culture is slowly taking over this country.

People will sell their bloody souls for 10 minutes of fame. I hope they’re happy with their 2 grand for getting a story printed in The Sun!

I mean human milk, from a woman that has never had a child, can’t be right! Or healthy!


Having read the article, they use words like dry feeding, and waiting for her milk to come.
I don’t actualy think there is any milk here. It’s just the guy sucking his girlfriends breasts. Isn’t a guy sucking his wife’s or girlfriend’s breasts normal? Maybe not for pre longed periods but for short periods while making love.
A lot of men find their nipples are erogenous and enjoy them being touched, tweaked and sucked.
In the interests of full disclosure, I have to state that my nipples are totally unresponsive, so I have no idea what other men feel, but men’s nipples being responsive in sex are well documented.

I’m really confused now. It says she’s using a pump, so something must be happening?

This is one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever laid eyes on! Oh my god!