Hey all.

New guy here. Just been into DW Sports for some new footwear. Problem is I have wide feet and they haven’ got any that I can comfortably wear. Sports footwear was always an issue even when I was at school. Any suggestions for brands that are good for wide feet?



Hi @benfromnotts ,

It honestly depends on the size of your feet (by the shoe size) and the fit, as footy boots can be a massive scale of fits. It’s always worth taking a pair of football socks and trying some on in a shop, rather than ordering online and having a lucky dip.

What is your shoe size, so we know what to figure out, and if there’s any other players who wear a similar size?


I’m a size 11. Have been into DW Sports today and tried some on but they were uncomfortably tight. May order some online 1/2 size bigger. Can always return them if they don’t fit.


I would always recommend wearing half a size up for any football boots, or running shoes. I do this so that my toes are not mangled after running around for a bit. Let us know how you get on.


Was having a chat with lads at our Soccerworld group last week & we all agreed that Adidas Copa come up quite wide.

I wear 11.5 boots, am a 10 in shoes.


Am I the only one that orders the same size as shoes as I like them tight for football


Well…A productive afternoon…Been to Decathlon and have just got myself some astro trainers, t-shirt, shorts, socks and a water bottle for a grand total of £32.50!!!

Trainers were £12.99 and have bought a size 12 which fit very nicely. Very impressed.


Won’t do your feet any good in the long run…


No problems in 20 years of playing so far


Each to their own then :slight_smile:

Tbh some people say to buy the same or smaller to stretch the boot to the foot, others like myself prefer slightly bigger and account for the thicker football socks…


Bought this bargain off Amazon, size 11.5

Decided to have these too. Now showing as £67. Crazy price paid by me. :slight_smile: