Bournemouth league

Any news on the planed bournemouth league ?


I’ve just signed up and paid the initial £1. It would be good to know how many names are down, apparently they need 30

@MvFFootballHelp any chance we could find out progress?


Just signed up in Bournemouth too. Yes, it would be great to see a progress stat.

I searched the threads and it looks like it was on 22 back in February. So hopefully close. There have been some articles about MvF in the newspapers which might drive some signups

Bournemouth is getting close to target, 10 away so keep pushing!

When we have enough guys signed up for a planned league then we approach a local partner (a football club, a local authority, a sports centre, etc). We then work with them to get 60+ (ideally 80+) men signed up. Once we have the partnership we set the start date. Most of the request leagues that have launched have had one or two guys really pushing the league and that has made the difference.

To boost your league’s numbers, I recommend reading this forum post - How can I help bring MAN v FAT Football to my area?

Also, here’s some flyers and posters you can use in your local area!!?dl=0

10 away? Some people must have dropped then as I saw the number at 22 from a thread in Feb :confused: Oh well.

I’ve followed the advice on that post and emailed the Public Health Team & also the Community team at AFC Bournemouth. I’ll get shouting to friends & social media too.

Ive been signed up for nearly a year now for the bournemouth league, its encouraging to see its nearly there, hope it can make the final push and get up to 30

I have just signed up. Do we have a current count I would love to get started at this as soon as possible.

Im on the waiting list too so be good to get back in to it up this end of town

Any chance on getting an up to date count of how many have signed up? its a shame there isnt a counter so we could just see how close the league is to 30.

Just signed up for the Bournemouth planned league, this sounds like a great idea!

@MvFFootballHelp any news on the numbers?


I asked for a numbers update back in and I never got a reply … The Bournemouth League cant be too far away from the 30 needed

I guess that they have given this one up then as no responses since September. Pretty poor in my opinion.

So do we not know what happening with the Bournemouth league yet as I’ve been waiting since last July

I assume that they have given up on a bournemouth league as I have asked twice since joining up last year in September and had no response from manvfat.