Bradford revival! Potential to trial 5 aside league?




Ive heard that MVFF is trialling 5 aside as a format for the venues where there is only a 5 aside pitch available, this would be amazing for the revival of the bradord league.

There is plently on interest from ex bradford mvff players and loads of newbies.

How far off is the Bradford league players wise registered @Karl_White? I and many other ex bradford mvff players are really looking forward to the league starting again. If the 5 aside league trial couldnt happen at goals bradford, they do have phenominal 8 aside pitch that is boarded or 7 aside pitchs that arnt bordered.

Best wishes and fingers crossed for a revival soon,



Definitely worth trialling. Ludicrous how they’ve not made any attempt to get people back. The only reason why the league folded is because the format wasn’t compatible. If they tweaked things slightly by reducing squad size, it would probably be into it’s 4th season by now.

FAO any decision makers: There’s a group of lads who were on the MvF programme at Bradford and they regularly play football on a Monday night. I know many of them would have remained with MvF if it stayed in Bradford. You’ve also got people waiting to get onto a weightloss programme. It’d would be daft not to trial 5-a-side or use 6-a-side on bigger pitches.


I’ve just signed up for the Bradford league, dragged my heels for a while because it didn’t look like the Bradford league was going anywhere. If the 5 a side can get running, a lot more people will get involved. I know that someone else who was interested hasn’t registered because it didn’t look like the league was doing anything to sort the issues. He told me that there were a group from his work that wanted to play but nothing looked like it was being organized properly.