Bridgwater league 04/01/17 - that's right, we gained a thin bloke over Christmas!

So Christmas came and Christmas went and it’s fair to say a generally good time was had by all looking at the weigh in results on Thursday night.
Total weight gain of 70.8kgs, that’s just over 11st… or the thin bloke I mention in the title above!!
As said many times at the weigh in what’s done is done and now it’s time to reset and start again.

You all know exactly why you may have gained weight and more importantly you all know how to start losing it again but here’s a few basic pointers just in case:

Start tracking your food intake, use your handbooks/MyFitnessPal etc and take note of what’s going in this week.
Drink plenty of water - try for a minimum of 2.5l a day
Step up the exercise levels - walk/run/gym, whatever it is that makes you tick get back on it BUT be careful not to overdo things. Make sure you stretch out before and afterwards and build up the levels as you progress rather than go all out from the off.
Meal plans - the best way to limit the amount of snacking may well be to plan your meals so you know what you’re having and when.
Excess Christmas goodies - look at what you’re going to do with that unopened box of biscuits or crackers etc and consider donating them to those more in need by using your local Foodbank etc.
Accountability - sign up for one of our MVFIA 30 day groups. Check out the link below for more info. I’ve done it and am in a group with a bunch of guys that are looking to reset just like a lot of us need to.

I look forward to some good results next week as we start to turn things around, have a good week guys.

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