Bridgwater league 06/05/18 - 6 more 5%s



Let’s start with a massively deserved well done to the Chris G, Nick P, Josh, Dan, Darren and Craig who all hit 5%
Top 10 losers by % are:

Mr. Jonathan Moore AC MealPlan 11.63
Mr. dean wood AC MealPlan 9.33
Mr. Josh Froud AC MealPlan 7.02
Mr. Dan Sharpe AC MealPlan 6.93
Mr. Steve SWAN Green Machine 6.51
Mr. David Evans Green Machine 6.42
Mr. Stewart Hayter AC MealPlan 6.08
Mr. Darren Rumsey RedRum F.C. 5.84
Mr. Gary Toogood Real Madras 5.75
Mr. Chris Goodman Green Machine 5.35

AC Mealplan are absolutely smashing the weight loss with 5 guys in the table above helping to top spot in the main league table so let’s see who can throw a spanner in the works shall we chaps? What’s reckon Sheldon, can the greens split them up???

Here’s something I’ve not posted for a while but anyone who is stalling or struggling to get the results they want may want to consider join one of the 30 day MVFIA groups where you get the opportunity to share experiences with other guys on this forum, some of whom may be in all corners of the world, on top of the usual weekly MvFF sessions. Check out the link below for more details and if you’re interested get your name down and you’ll be put into a group soon. The daily accountability of these groups really does work so go on give it a try, what have you got to lose other than weight???

Don’t forget to get your name down on the list for this Sunday’s match against Yeovil. Kick off will be at 10am @ 1610 Castle Sports Centre in Taunton, just a fiver to take part to cover venue and referee costs with any additional money to be donated to the MAN v FAT Benevolent Fund which uses money from player fines to make payments to charitable activities of our players throughout the country.

Full results, tables and fixtures are on our webpage

Have a good week gents, shout if you need advice or support