Bridgwater league 10/08/17 - hat-tricks and 5%s aplenty!



What is it they say about holidays? It’s good to go away but it’s great to get back home too isn’t it?
Tonight felt like that too and so it was back to it in week 3 of this current league. Great to meet the new guys I either missed last week or that started today, hopefully you’ve had a really positive experience of this whole Man v Fat stuff you’ve heard about and don’t ache too much in the morning!!

Massive congratulations to the following guys who broke through the 5% barrier this week:
Rob Sparkes, Ryan Moody, Nick Cooper and Neil Forster - fantastic effort guys, well done.
We also had 19 hat-tricks this weeks yet again showing how much difference the weight loss makes to the scores in our leagues.
Top 10 weight loss so far is shown below:

I mentioned this to a few of the guys this evening but here’s an old forum post that has been resurrected in recent weeks that I think is very pertinent and could be useful in helping you through the rough times(which there will be!). Feel free to send me your reasons on WA and we can keep an eye on how you’re doing as the league progresses.

Total NET weight loss for the night was 34.00kgs meaning the league so far figure is 144.80kgs, keep focussed guys and the results will keep coming.

Final results, tables and next week’s fixtures are on our webpage


first night and I was surprised there was 75 guys signed up
Good to see the instant humour and sportsmanship on show
I’m used to training alone so I decided to join as a spur to having No Excuses on why no loss
I have no scales at home and this now puts me on the spot with no where to hide !
My new team also gave me the Scottish connection…black puddings. The national dish of Scotland
I’m 50 next year and my aim is to get down to the weight I was at 30 and put 10 extra years on my life …#noexcuses


Welcome aboard @Garyt1968 glad to have you with us mate. Fantastic target you’ve set, we’ll do all we can to make sure you hit it I can assure you.
See you next week for the first of many losses to come(on the scales obviously! Though after last night’s Black Pudding FC performance.