Brighton League - When?


Hey guys, I’ve just signed up for the Brighton League, is there anyway to find out how many more players we need? I’m trying to get a few more to join with me, how many of you are also waiting?


We need 40-60 players before we can put the wheels into motion - if you refer or friend (or two or three etc.) you can get £5 off in the MAN V FAT shop.


Thanks for the reply, how many are signed up for the league already? I want to get an idea of how near or far to the target things currently are!


We’re just under two thirds of the way there.


Hey all, how do I sign up for a Brighton league?


On the main website you can search for a league, then when the map shows you the league click on the marker and, I believe, there is a link to join this league or something along those lines. Can’t remember exactly! Hopefully we can reach the target number in the next few weeks


I’m also signed up for this league and would like an estimate of how long it might be before the league is up and running.


Any idea what day or time the proposed league in Brighton will be on?


I guess I’ll be the size of Giant Haystacks before the Brighton league gets going. Then it’ll probably be on a Friday evening which I can’t make.
Any latest info on the Brighton league please?
How long before it’ll be and what day will it be on?