Brighton league

Hi - just signed up in the Brighton area - it says there is a planned league - is there any way of seeing the progress? Looking forward to getting stuck in

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Hi @fat_pastor

Welcome to MANvFAT! Good to have you here :slight_smile:

The Brighton league is still one of our planned leagues and you can view the league homepage here:

The main thing is the more that register - the quicker it will get up and running - so if you have any friends or colleagues who may be interested - refer them over! If you do it from the league homepage you can give your friends 50% off MAN v FAT Football Registration and get £5 credit at the MAN v FAT Shop!

In the mean time check out our new members post here:

Good Luck!

Just signed up myself too so hopefully we’ll get something soon…

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just signed up for Brighton. Hopefully soon it start.

Just thought it anyone would like to meet up for a kick a about someone close to us all then I guess there is no home until the league starts?

I’m interested in signing up and would try to get others involved too, any idea as to when this will start?

When we have 20 guys signed up for a planned league then we approach a local partner (a football club, a local authority, a sports centre, etc). We then work with them to get 40+ (ideally 60+) men signed up. Once we have 20 guys we get the partnership going. Once we have the partnership we set the start date. If you want to influence how quickly all of this happens (which of course you would!) then read how you can help here. We should emphasise that most of the leagues that have launched have had one or two guys really pushing the league and that has made the difference.

You can also find further information on our FAQ at

Any updates on this? It would be useful to know how many people are already signed up, then we can go out and try to get a few more

Just under two thirds of the way towards the 30 people mark.

Thought the Mark was 20?

Nope the ideal number is 30 men which will then go up to 60-80 before we start playing.

Hey guys, to those of you signed up, would you fancy meeting up for a kick about? We could organise one of the 3g astro turfs or just meet in a park? Let me know, I usually play on a Sunday down wish park, if not there then I’ll be on a 3g astro at either MET or Hove Park

Any progress in Brighton being made and getting the league going, signed up a year ago but heard nothing so far.

if there is even ten or so of us could we try and share contacts and set something going even if its just to get out and have a kick about once a week.

Hello @chris.dickinson15

At the moment, we have 19 registered players, the league needs 30 players to be able to be started.

Use the following link to get some flyers and posters you can use to promote the league!

Any news on a Brighton league? It’s surely big enough to find 30 lads.

Registration tonight (and a game) which sadly I can’t make.

Games start 3rd June :+1: