Building muscle whilst loosing weight


is this advisable to train whilst trying to loose weight at the same time
if not why not?


Hey mate, the title of the post & your question in the post are different… what is it you’re wanting to know mate?


When you see @maxnas is already here to answer a question about training…




i dont just want to loose weight , i also want to get fitter , i have a multi gym and a lot of free weights

can i do weight training at the same time as trying to loose weight
i thought i read somewhere that both cant be done at the same time


Yes, absolutely!

It will help with your weight/fat loss goals, plus you’ll more than likely gain a bit of new muscle tissue whilst losing fat :slight_smile:


brill . ill get the gym out for a dust off then i can make a start


Here’s a good discussion we had on the topic of weight loss and strength training: