Bulletproof Coffee & Ketosis

Just wondered if anyone had ever dabbled with Bulletproof Coffee before - MCT & Coconut Oil & Butter in coffee and similar??

Not really looking for a full on wrong or right debate about it, just people’s experiences good or bad.

I tried it a while ago, but only casually. The basis of it is you have a high quality black coffee and blend it with organic grass fed butter, and MCT Oil, the latter being essentially a processed form of coconut oil (Medium Chain Tryglycerides) and sub your breakfast and/or lunch for it, and back up the rest of your day with specific foods to much the Bulletproof program.

Supposed to amazing for brain clarity and good for those who are looking to follow strict keto eating patterns. there’s a ton of stuff on the net about it, but a lot of the claims are not backed up.

Anyone had a go?


It’s always looked minging to me but then I get all jittery with coffee so it’s a double no from me.


If it’s high quality coffee, then I’d just have it black!


It tastes frikking awesome, better than any Costa or Starbucks Latte I’ve ever had.

Just interested in the claims around it boosting the cognitive state, and generally sending ketosis fat burning through the roof…

When I did it before, it literally killed my hunger pangs, something that might not be a bad thing for a few weeks.

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How do you get your morning energy fix @admin?! I hope you’re not developing some kind of secret crystal meth habit behind the scenes!

And don’t tell me you’re high on life either! :slight_smile:

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@Alex_PN - have done it & felt good. There are a few coffee shops in NYC that make it so it was convenient also.

Although as always its calorie deficit that does the trick, I lost lbs & I found it filling. So much so that I was surprised that I wasn’t that hungry at lunch time. Did it for a week straight & now that you reminded me of it, am going to do it again.

As for mental clarity, it seemed higher so a qualified “it works for me”. But not sure if it was the larger dose of coffee (I usually drink espresso only).

It does taste awesome too

@MSK Glad someone else identifies with this. It really does blunt your hunger right through lunch and there’s definitely a mental high. It does taste really good as well.

I’m also going to give it another whirl these next few weeks.

My breakfasts are currently way beyond 650/700 calories anyway, and I usually skip lunch, so with the right amount of butter and oil I think I can keep my calorie targets consistent.

Never tried the BP Brain Octane MCT oil and BP brand coffee grounds though, always used cheaper brands - but if it’s as good as you say, might be a reason to splash out this month.

@Alex_PN - I tried the “official” versions and also made my own with just good quality butter & coconut oil. Couldn’t tell the difference to be honest. Both gave good results.

One thing is that their claims on their coffee grounds & special processing has been debunked. All high quality coffee (not mass produced) are essentially handled the same from what I read.

But I agree - splash out to try it & report back your results

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I’ll be interested to know how you guys get on.
We’ve always got a load of coconut oil in the house, as the mrs cooks with it most of the time. So would be fairly easy to try I guess.

Maybe I’ll give it a try tomorrow morning!

Yeah @MSK, his marketing hype on coffee beans certainly does not interest me or fool me, but the ketosis side of the plan definitely gets my juices flowing.

Going to splash out on Amazon tomorrow.

Yes @TommyD it’s dead easy to make even if you use standard coconut oil from the jar, basically 1 or 2 tablespoons of the oil, the same amount of a good quality organic butter (Kerrygold is grass fed one I think) throw in your blender with a really good quality french press/filter coffee and whiz for 30 seconds or more, and drink.

Will report back on a casual basis with some findings on the weight loss side of things.

Let me know when you’re going to do it, as I’ll do it also. Increase the sampling size to 2

Sounds like a plan @MSK - will let you know when I’ve got mine on order. Just been looking online, there are SO MANY branded Bulletproof products now, could easily spend £300, not going to though!

Hopefully will be ready to rock by Friday…

Ok, managed to find the correct butter and some generic coconut oil in the local supermarket so will be kicking off another bulletproof experience from tomorrow onwards @MSK if you’re up for some shared info and @TommyD as well.

I’m still going to get the proper MCTs from Amazon later this week, but this conversation has inspired me to get going asap.

@Alex_PN - tomorrow we start then. Will do the same in ordering some of the official stuff to see if there’s a difference

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nice one!

Not quite sure which one to go for @MSK

Brain Octane 946ml is £38.99, the Standard XCT£24.99 - but apparently the Brain Octane is 3 times stronger?

@Alex_PN - I just ordered the brain octane as the name sounds awesome. Also I found the XCT oil at my local Whole Foods store so I picked up a bottle. So why not buy the brain octane to start, as the XCT oil seems to around (although under different brands)

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I think I’ll start with buying a 500ml Brain Octane as that was reasonably well priced on Amazon @MSK

It’s 840am so just had my first cup just now, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, 2 organic unsalted butter, and some grade 4 Taylor’s Brazilian French press. Made about 700ml of coffee in all, tasted bloody awesome.

Very nice caffeine lift, I’m going to head out on the bike in the next hour, then have another one when I’m back, hoping that will carry me through to dinner tonight.

I have the calories at 459 in total and 49 grams of fat for the mug.

Lovely! Forgot just how nice the hit is compared to standard instant!

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On mug number 2… need to get the taste balance right, probably need a little bit more butter…

Did a 12 mile bike ride and apart from the cold air today it was a pretty decent ride, felt pretty energised! Didn’t do any personal bests out there, but certainly didn’t feel the usual keto lag I get when exercising.

State of mind is very buzzy, and very chatty!!

Absolutely have no inclinations to eat or any thought process around food other than getting my chicken out of the freezer for dinner tonight!

After my early morning jog, made my cup. 1 tbs grass fed butter, 1 tbs of coconut oil & 1 tbs of mct oil. Calorie count of 358.

Tasted great, but I think I’m going to go with 2 tbs of butter next time.

Will be using it as breakfast meal so only one a day for me.

Had it about 2 hours ago - feeling good, happy and now focused on work (as soon as I stop looking around this site)

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