Buying a suit

G’day from Melbourne, Australia.

First post… I’ve been leading a healthy lifestyle since the start of February, and have gone from someone who struggled to walk round the block to someone who can take the dog out for a 20km walk without any dramas. So far I’m 40kg down, and although I’m not setting unrealistic targets, I plan to be significantly healthier by Christmas.

Anyway, my victory is this:

Last week I needed a new suit. After 15 years of having to go to Big and Tall stores, I bought a suit and shirt from a department store in the normal clothing section. They even had shirts a size bigger than I needed.

And now I’m looking forward to this suit becoming like a tent in me in a few months time!


it’s great to heard that you loss 40kg in such quick span of time, you should buy excercise suit or jogging suit rather than normal shirt and trouser.

Good Job! That is really encouraging! Way to go!