Buzzing too get started again

I started my journey many months ago . Set out a target of 10stone loss in one year … I went and achieved that with manvfat … Made a massive error too try and take things for granted . Now it’s 2 stone back on … but I am back under manvfat for the up and coming seasons and hoping I can go about my diet again and reach the level I need too be . Very excited about starting up again and looking forward too shareing some great story’s with you. Please share your story’s with me also so we can become losers in weight together .


Great effort, I know what you mean by taking things for granted. I’m back after a break back end of last year. I played a season and a half from February last year then broke my toe! Was out for a while and attempted to come back but had an elderly parent to care for.My father sadly passed away at Christmas and I feel it’s right that I get back on track. It was significant that I lost weight last year as it is the first time I had the support of a coach and other players around me rather then trying to “do it alone”.
The camaraderie of others really helps, just hope my old bones can sustain the rigors of diving around a goal mouth! Bring it on!


Welcome back Andy. You’ll lose the weight soon. Get on it!


Well done mate … Keep going strong I know how it is when you lose someone so close so chin up fella . We go at mate …

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