Caffeine / withdrawal


Just an open thread really to understand people’s experiences good or bad with caffeine!

I’ve just been chatting to a guy on a Facebook Blood Sugar/Diabetes page, and he said he had given up after changing his diet, and has never needed the big hit since!

This blows my tiny mind!

Anyone else kicked caffeine for good? I’m a recent headache/migraine sufferer and reckon it would be a great challenge for me to give it up and genuinely do not know what it would be like not to have to rely on it !


I’m a tea drinker, can’t stand decaf but I don’t seem to have any I’ll effects. Most days it’s 7/8 cups but days I don’t have any I don’t suffer withdrawal.

I guess it’s a personal thing, and in itself caffeine isn’t a huge problem for most.


How much do you drink? Maybe you could start with switching a few to decaff options and slowly come down from there.

I used to get horrendous migraines but get them very rarely now since I stopped having artificial sweetener in my teas/coffees and since I started wearing glasses! Maybe something to think about.

I find that caffeine doesn’t really affect me, I could have gallons of coffee before bed and still be able to sleep no problem. I am currently drinking a Monster energy drink after a horrendous night with next to no sleep but I know full well it’s a placebo :grin:


I’m just intrigued really, it’s probably the one thing I have actually never tried to kick, but I have a feeling I’d be a much better person without it.

I like the stimulant effect for everything… work, getting up in the morning, exercise, just generally, but I’m also convinced I could get a better buzz without it, and there would also be a load of other benefits with stress, headaches etc.

I’m amazed you could sleep after all that @emma1

In terms of amounts, I have one beltingly strong coffee every morning as soon as I’m awake, even if I end up going back to bed until its the right time to actually get up… I use so much instant coffee in that drink that I pour it from the jar, and dont even bother with the spoon any more… I’d say probably 10-12 teaspoons worth in that one drink.

I’ll then have 1 delonghi normal strength barista style coffee a bit later, or another instant - but if I have the instant as strong again, my personality gets very gnarly very quickly and I can be a twat to be around!


maybe then another one at lunch time? but that’s usually my cut off!


I use so much instant coffee in that drink that I pour it from the jar, and dont even bother with the spoon any more… I’d say probably 10-12 teaspoons worth in that one drink.

Wow! :laughing: Ok that is pretty hardcore. When I put two teaspoons in instead of one I feel like a badass!

Maybe try cutting the amount in that one coffee down a bit? 8 tsp instead of 10? :smile:


I’m doing Stoptober with booze and sugar, I’m thinking I might have a go with dropping caffeine in November… dunno, I just have a feeling the headaches will be world class.


Also worth considering, coffee contains more caffeine than Tea. Although there are a few factors that vary the amount (like 10 teaspoons) it might be worth considering an exchange of tea for coffee. I’ve also started finishing the day with green tea which is lower in caffeine


could be a decent shout that actually @Andy_Gallon - switching to tea, and then to green tea on a week by week basis maybe?

my parents to this day still have about 3 pots of tea every morning between them… I’d be interested to see who has the higher caffeine levels.


Green Tea is my new addiction.

And I have never liked coffee and saw normal tea as for dunking biscuits.


I kicked the habit when i was suffering from high blood pressure at the turn of the year. Ended up in hospital with palpitations after a particularly coffee and high fat filled day.

Normal days I would drink a triple shot latte with breakfast, another later on in the morning and another in the mid-afternoon.

I gave up caffeine filled coffee and soft drinks at the start of the year and find my sleep to be of a lot better quality. Not sure if that’s tied to cutting out alcohol at the same time! I occasionally have a coffee for a morning boost or a diet Irn Bru if I’m in Glasgow, but it’s very rare.

Decaf coffees are getting better and better as well so maybe consider switching?


You’re right @atb88 - should get some decaf in and then at least I can still enjoy the process of making a pot of coffee with the machine.

Have to be honest though, I’ve tried instant decaf coffee before and it was pretty minging.


What is life without coffee? :man_shrugging::blush:


F@cking boring!