Can anyone make a better MVFIA ad than this?


This is the best ad we’ve got for MVFIA at the moment, and it’s rubbish.

Can any skilled video people (or someone with a decent editing programme) put anything better together? It would be good to show people actually using the groups, or explain a bit more succinctly what they actually are and how you join up.

C’mon Spielberg, this is your time.


Well, I think it would be great to feature the WHOLE site, not just the programs. The programs definitely, definitely the community/forum aspect, the football league, and don’t forget the amazing losers. Even though many of the amazing losers didn’t lose as part of the MANvFAT community, you can claim them simply due to the fact that you have documented the journeys and they provide inspiration to EVERYONE…MANvFAT members and the world at large. So everything is fair game.

Agreed the video is weak, the whole hand scribbling thing was fun for a while but has outlived its novelty. I have some video editing and even marketing skills, but alas I have no spare time in the near future.