Cannock league


Just joined the cannock league can’t wait to start


Didn’t know there was one? Where is it?


There is a new leisure league ground that’s been built in hednesford. Just waiting for the league to fill


Hi! As with any new league, we need to get to 30 players before we can get started.

If you can have a read on this post, it has some tips on how to spread the word!


I would be interested in the cannock league depending which night, I’m already in the West Brom League


Hi @mattcarder2 - Currently Cannock is on 4 registered players, like any other planned league, we need 30 registered players before we can get it started.

We do have other live leagues nearby, such as Bescot in Walsall - and there is one in Telford starting in September -


Hi iv signed up for the walsall league but there is no spaces, could i be moved to cannock?


how many are signed up now?


Cannock has 6 registered players currently.


how do we get this to grow so it can start. the 6 people already interested play temp in walsall?